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Hyundai i10 test drive review

By automate on 10 November 2010

The year was 1967. Hyundai, a 20 year old construction company had decided to establish an automobile assembly plant in Seoul, for assembling the 'Cortina' model of Ford, going against the claims of the Korean Industry Ministry that importing a car would be cheaper than assembling it. But Hyundai's Chung Ju-Yung had different plans. Hence 'Hyundai Motor Company' was born, just as a unit for assembling Ford cars. But just in a span of seven years, Hyundai stunned the critics and the first Korean manufactured car, the Pony, rolled out of the Hyundai stable.

Three decades later, Hyundai has established itself as the most aggressive automobile manufacturer the world has seen, capturing every market by with its diverse product portfolio and aggressive marketing tactics. From nowhere, Hyundai has emerged as a serious competitor to almost all automakers around the globe, and with an unparalleled growth rate, went on to become the world's fifth largest automobile manufacturer.

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