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Vikrant Singh Vikrant Singh Thursday 09 February 2017

The year was 2013. Hyundai was making hay with its original i10, which was already six years old at the time. But internationally, it had to be updated. Enter the Grand i10. Now even though the Grand was supposed to replace the original i10, as is the case with most of our carmakers, Hyundai decided to milk this high selling model till it ran dry in India.

Hyundai Grand i10

Fast forward to today and the original i10 is running on fumes and it should be discontinued in a matter of months. As for the Grand i10, with over three years under its belt, it needed a nip and tuck to beat its mid-life crisis. Okay, crisis might be a strong word given the Grand still sells in great numbers. But then, there’s young, more energetic and better-endowed competition on the market now; read, the Maruti Suzuki Ignis.

Right on cue, Hyundai has helped its highest selling car along with some telling changes. Here’s what the car feels like now…


As part of the 2017 update, the new Hyundai Grand i10 gets three big changes on the outside. In this top of the line Asta trim, it gets a more sculpted front bumper with day time running LED lights. These bumpers, says Hyundai, besides giving the Grand a sportier presence, also helps the car’s aeros creating an air curtain around the front wheels. The end result is better fuel economy.

Hyundai Grand i10

The rear bumper is new too. And though it doesn’t have any functional benefit, it does give the Grand that hint of freshness its rear-end needed so badly. The alloy wheel design is new too. Among the smaller changes is a revised grille, a longer antenna and the keyless entry access button is now only on the driver’s side. So, have these changes given the Grand a new lease on life? Not visually. It still looks a little staid against its newest challenger, the Ignis.

Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10

As with the exterior, there are three big changes to the 2017 Grand i10’s insides as well. The top spec Asta trim now gets a single zone climate control; it has a fancier audio unit (detail explanation on that coming up); and now there’s a reversing camera as well. But, the highlight of the interior is the new multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. All it takes is a USB cable, the android auto app installed on your phone (should be the same for iPhone users) and a Bluetooth connection between the audio unit and the phone. And you are set.

Hyundai Grand i10

Now, you can play music, read your texts and activate navigation via voice commands. This is the first time I have used Android Auto for prolonged periods in a car. And I must say, I am impressed. Also impressive, as before, is the practicality the Grand i10’s interior offers. It has a large cooled glovebox, lots of usable stowage space, and cup and bottle holders to keep a four-member party happy. There’s also little to complain about the seating comfort or space.

Hyundai Grand i10

Having said that, I am no longer a fan of the Grand’s interior design. The dash design looks a bit dated now and the large round dials for everything from air vents to aircon controls to even the instrumentation lacks imagination.

Hyundai Grand i10

But the performance, courtesy the new diesel engine, is outstanding on the new Grand i10 1.2 D. It displaces 1186cc and makes 75bhp. But more importantly, the torque rating is up to 190Nm from 160Nm on the older 1.1-litre engine. The specs on paper finally put it on par with the Maruti Suzuki Swift or even the Ignis for that matter. The gearbox meanwhile is a five-speed manual and there’s no automatic option on offer just yet.

Hyundai Grand i10

On the road, the Grand i10 proves to be quicker than the Swift. It only took 13.2 seconds to complete the 0-100kmph run and another five seconds to go past the 400m mark from a standstill. There’s a dramatic improvement in the car’s driveability as well compared to the older Grand i10. The 1.2D is four seconds quicker in the 40-100kmph-tractability test against the 1.1-litre diesel powered Grand. What’s more, Hyundai says, the drop in fuel efficiency isn’t significant on the new car.

Hyundai Grand i10

One can feel this difference even without the help of a VBOX. The throttle response is sharper, there’s more grunt all across the rev range, and courtesy the gearing, one can’t really feel the turbo lag on the new car either. The 1.2D Grand i10 pulls cleanly all the way to 4,500rpm and though it gets noisy past 3,500rpm, one doesn’t really need to go there. Keep the Grand i10 1.2D between the 1,500 to 2,500rpm and it is happy to motor around in this rev range all day be it in the city or doing triple digit speeds on the highway.

Hyundai Grand i10

Ride is another strong quality of the Grand i10. It might seem a bit noisy over poor surfaces. But, the absorption quality and the suspension’s ability to keep all the tyres connected to the road no matter the size of bumps and potholes or the frequency and amplitude of road ripples, is excellent. It does make for a comfortable car.

Hyundai Grand i10
Tech specs
Make Hyundai
Model Grandi10
Fuel Diesel
Variant 1.2DAsta
EngineCapacity 1186cc
Max.Power(bhp@rpm) 75@4000
Max.torque(Nm@rpm) 190@1750
Gears 5-speedmanual
Lengthmm 3765
Widthmm 1660
Heightmm 1520
Wheelbasemm 2425
FuelCapacity(inlitres) 43
Tyresize 165/65R14
Climate Control Yes
Apple CarPlay / Andriod Auto Yes
Reversing Camera Yes
Cooled GloveBox Yes
Trip Computer Yes
Dual Front Airbags Yes
Specifications Hyundai
Grand i10
Maruti Suzuki
Variant 1.2D Asta Alpha Titanium
Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Engine Capacity 1186cc 1248c 1498cc
Max. Power (bhp@rpm) 75@4000 75@4000 99@3750
Max. torque (Nm@rpm) 190@1750 190@2000 215@1750
Gears  5-speed manual 5-speed manual 5-speed manual
Length mm 3765 3700 3886
Width mm 1660 1690 1695
Height mm 1520 1595 1525
Wheelbase mm 2425 2435 2491
Fuel Capacity (in litres) 43 32 40
Tyre size 165/65 R14 175/65 R15 175/65 R14

The only aspect we haven’t touched upon yet is the new Grand i10’s dynamic ability. For starters, it feels stable and safe at three digit speeds on the highway, so that’s well covered. It’s got decent brakes too. But, if you love driving, the Grand i10 might not appeal to you. The steering lacks feel, the chassis seems mute and though it feels up to the task of taking on quick direction changes, it really isn’t a car that excites.

Hyundai Grand i10

But, if you are looking for a practical, comfortable, usable and easy to live with diesel-powered hatchback, the new Grand i10 fits the bill. It’s well equipped too in this Asta trim. And with the current generation Swift on its swan song, not to mention the Ignis’ polarising appeal, the Grand really has it good with at least another three years left in it and a design that’s certainly more palatable.

Hyundai Grand i10


Pictures: Kapil Angane

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