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By Ashutosh Mishra on 14 August 2013

Car's Age: 1-3 years


Overall Rating 5
Exterior 5
Interior 5
Ride Quality 5
Maintenance 1000/ month
Mileage (city) 15 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 17 KMPL

Detailed Hyundai Accent Review

What's Good?

Power, Simplicity, Elegance, and Reliability and Practicality

What can improve?

The driver's and probably the front passenger's too, seat height adjustment. One just feels fitted within just too low. Besides that I don't think it requires anything else, unless I am one of those restless type users that love to change everything they have from furniture to ....

Exteriors (5/5)


Interiors (5/5)


Ride Quality (5/5)


Overall Comments

In an age when most cars are going after fancy designs my ACCENT continues to impress with her decent and dignified appearance, which I bet wont ever lose their appeal. Other designs will have visual appeal whose term will be limited to the generation driving their cars.This one's going to last.

These seem good to me always. No noise whatsoever once you roll up the windows.Excellent suspension and ground clearance. Maybe a little better upholstery be more useful.

Top quality. Very impressed with the controls, that are assembled such that one would find them once one gets used to them. Not too many of them for the sake of just impressing the drivers. No cluttered dashboard here. Pick up is great at the signals while driving within city traffic. Stops accurately without swerving even while one comes to a halt at high speed.

I have no idea as to why having developed such a powerful engine for ACCENT have the Hyundai company decided to discontinue its production. Their behavior appears to me to be identical to the behavior of the Chrysler company in the USA which stopped producing its JEEP CHEROKEE with its fabled Inline Six engines, perhaps because the sales wouldn't increase, since the engines would go on and on, logging miles without giving up...I was one of the proud owners of one of the last and perhaps the finest batch (2001), of this legend, hence can claim with confidence, a CHEROKEE LIMITED EDITION, while I spent time in the US, where I once drove it from coast to coast in just 28 hours flat; no co-drivers of course, without being ticketed even once. Beginning to feel that I must be a very smart driver perhaps!!!!! If at all any improvement may be carried out in this ACCENT, then probably they might like to design an engine with a DOHC which may replace the current SOHC. However, not being an engineer myself, I can't predict if the new engine so developed will be as powerful and as frugal as the current engine powering my ACCENT Executive.

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