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Whatever tweaking may be done, the JAZZ is still overpriced

By deepak on 16 August 2010

Whatever tweaking may be done, the JAZZ is still overpriced and in a price sensitive Indian market, one needs to understand the Indian psyche to be able to translate a prototype into one of the hottest selling brands. The car, as it is had problems selling owing to the steep price for a hatchback. The mindset says that by paying a little more or nothing more at all, one can get a lovely sedan. So ideally to be able to take on competition or rather obliterate it, the price bandwidth of the JAZZ should be in the region of Rs.6 -6.25 lacs. No doubt the tag "Honda" commands respect inasmuch as it does when we talk about Volkswagen. But at the same time, to make it sell like hot cake a better range of features with different versions would help. All the new features should have been there in the first place when this car was launched. Now to evince renewed interest and sustain it, the pricing should be looked into because the same features are available in other cheaper models from reputed Companies. Nevertheless, its a good attempt to arrest further damage to hasten additional bookings. The JAZZ scores heavily on aesthetics just like the Chevrolet SRV did initially. But see what happened to that SRV. It was overpriced and had to be eventually phased out. I only hope the JAZZ continues to inspire interest with such tweaking. But that needs to be done fast or else if here is another round of tweaking, it will send out a wrong message to the informed potential customer - that the Company is treating the customer as a guinea pig to test him with periodic infusion of goodies. I am afraid that may not help. Anyway the Honda SIEL pundits should know better. We certainly dont want to see the JAZZ end up the SRV way...Perhaps the management should have come out with a CNG version ( look at what the house of Maruti Suzuki has done - it launched 5 existing cars yesterday with a factory fitted CNG kit and not without reason). That's the option to tap to corner the market. Perhaps Honda should have also seriously thought of launching an electric car or one with Hybrid/Hydrogen Fuel like the Toyota PRIUS. The MANTRA is clear. One needs to be very Innovative in a tight Indian Market. Lets wait and watch to see how the current tweaking helps the Company. Anyway. Good Luck to the JAZZ.

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