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Honda Civic Hybrid is a slightly improvised version of the original Honda Civic

By Snehal on 21 September 2011

Honda Civic Hybrid is a slightly improvised version of the original Honda Civic. There are many changes that have been made on fuel efficiency, styling and cabin space. On the exterior Hybrid looks like the Honda Civic, however when I took it for a test drive, I experience many differences from the previous car.

Looking a lot like the conventional Honda Civic on the exterior, the car has the same features like classic headlamps and tail lamps. However on a closer look, there is a little logo on the back side which says 'Hybrid' and the wheels are also different. On the interior front as well, the car evidences minor improvements. Along with controls like digital speedometer, tachometer, fuel economy indicator, outside temperature and digital odometer, a battery level gauge and an assist/charge display has been added.

I find the front seats to have an unusual sense of space because of the far located windscreen base. All the rest of the feature remain the same such as steering wheel with audio control, flexible centre console and the spilt instrument gauge cluster. The car is abundantly spacious in the front, however in the rear seat, taller people may not be comfortable because of inadequate leg room.

Honda Civic Hybrid has a 1.3 L Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control(i-VTEC) engine and delivers a decent engine performance. The charge\assist gauge assist the driver in making full and effective utilisation of the batteries. The hybrid also provides decent fuel economy of 5 km per litre. However, the fuel economy is not favourable when driving on highways.