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Honda excellent deffective car selling policy

By Shivam on 31 May 2013

I have come to know about a recently bought a new Honda car , Honda city in Ranchi. The car looked perfect. But the secret was that it was a defective one. When he bought the car, and after payment procedures the owner of the show room abruptly said him in a cunning voice that -now the car is yours, and we will now not be responsible for any damage as you have checked the car well.. He didnt understood why did he replied in such a clumsy voice, but one day when he went for the servicing of car about 1 month after the purchase at Honda service station, the worker said that it had lots of bumps under the car which became visible when the car was lifted up for washing..Also the engine oil tank was seriously damaged and a lot of patch work was done to stop the oil from coming out. He went to the dealer to talk to him but he replied very badly , not listening a word and repeating the same thing when they had bought the car. They say that they have made the bumps and damaged the engine oil tank. But I know that this is not so. He want justice and want his car to be replaced with a new one as no one , not me not you will like to drive a damged or repaired old car. He is sure that the car was damaged since the time he purchased it and this should be the responsibility of the dealer to replace it. I want the conerned authorities not to take it lightly and do the appropriate...........

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