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Honda City - Excellent choice of car!

By B S Kumar on 19 May 2010

Excellent choice of car! You should be able to get an excellent Honda City - used - for about 3 lakhs. Unfortunately prices vary wildly depending on where you live. Delhi and Mumbai seem to be the cheapest places to buy cars and the choice is plentiful. Usually, a single owner indicates the person did not hesitate to pay about 8 lakhs for a Honda City, and perhaps would have given it the required maintenance and care. If the seller has more than one car, chances are, it is well taken care of. Just the odometer mileage alone is not an indication of how much wear and tear the car has sustained. But for a Honda, even 100,000 km does not mean much, so you can perhaps take a mechanic with you, pay him Rs.500 to check out the car you are considering. It will save you all the headaches. The Honda City is outstanding in terms of performance, mileage and is virtually maintenance free. Great car, and will serve you well. I can totally undestand the comfort your family should want to enjoy spacewise. Please also consider a Mitsubishi Lancer too - great spacewise and very well made car.

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