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As good as it can get with an Entry Luxury Sedan : Supreme

By Ron Mascy on 18 January 2014

Car's Age: 3-5 years


Overall Rating 5
Exterior 4
Interior 4
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 1000/ month
Mileage (city) 16 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 20 KMPL

Detailed Honda City ZX Review

What's Good?

For years now, Honda City has proven its mettle in India. It continues to do so even now, every single time. No doubt why hoards of buyers flock to the NHC even now. Undoubtedly the best in refinement, mileage, maintenance-free car. A car every Indian dreams about owning at least once in his life span.

What can improve?

There is just one issue, though not very big, but does cause concern to owners in India - the ground clearance. The car when fully loaded scrapes every speed breaker if you are not at a super super slow speed. Whenever it scrapes it leaves a mark on the owner's soul too. See how strong the car-owner relation is. :) However, I feel the NHC 2014 has a lil, just a lil bit more than its predecessor. Rest - Price, Economy, Hassle-free Ownership, Maintenance are all above par when compared with other brands in the Indian market.

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

Not the best, however still ahead of it's generation cars.

Could be just a tad better with little chrome/wood finish here and there.

Excellent maneuverability, suspension and feather-light steering is fun to drive, both in the city as well as on the highway. However, as I said earlier, the ground clearance is a lil cause of concern.

Easily no.1 for me in the Indian Market even today, given that the NHC 2014 now even has a magnificently economical oil-burner, the Earth Dreams Diesel engine. Other cars should now have a big big reason to worry. Definitely NHC has always SET benchmarks and never competed to achieve one. My next buy and recommendations to others would always be a Honda City. Cheers!

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