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Honda City - Luxury, reliability and sophistication

By Kris Tee on 04 September 2013

Car's Age: 5-10 years


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 4
Interior 5
Ride Quality 5
Maintenance 500/ month
Mileage (city) 13 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 18 KMPL

Detailed Honda City ZX Review

What's Good?

Better and improved features are added to each new car that enters the market. But none can match the feeling of refined sophistication and luxury that the City affords its owners. A completely no-fuss car, the City not only lives up to its name by keeping you cool in slow moving, dense traffic, but it does so with minimum stress on the driver. Very few other cars can move along placidly at 30 Kmph in 4th gear. I classify it as "Almost Automatic" as the even torque ensures minimum gear changes. Yet, it is sturdy enough to take on bad roads. I made a 3000 km journey from Mumbai to Jhansi with the full family. Nearly 400 km of the road from Indore to Jhansi was completely broken and I had to drive for hours in 3rd gear as I maneuvered around huge potholes, ditches and rutted stretches for much of the way. Despite the a/c being on throughout, the engine never showed signs of strain or overheating and the suspension took the bad roads very well. No problems AT ALL. Mileage average 16 - 18 km/litre. Mileage in the city 12km/litre. Highway cum city Mumbai - Pune 14 - 15km/litre. Plenty of leg room front and rear. Huge dicky. Electrical systems- excellent (Original battery going strong after nearly 6 years). A/c great.

What can improve?

Clearance could be better, though I understand the new versions have better clearance. The A pillar tends to obstruct the driver's view. Rear A/c vents would be nice. Holders for keeping bottles in the doors should be added. Cabin light is awkwardly placed - there should be two sets, one for the front passenger and driver and the other for the rear passengers. Charging point for mobiles on the rear doors would be wonderful. A dummy clutch should be added for driver comfort over long drives. Honda should also consider the external stepney option as one has to unload the entire dicky to extract the stepney if one has a flat on the highway.

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (5/5)


Ride Quality (5/5)


Overall Comments

Lights are good, paintwork is great. However refrain from kissing errant autos and stay away from bullying SUVs as a dent will only cause you grief since the bodywork isn't as strong as the bigger German cars. Personally I'm quite happy with the looks. A well polished City looks immensely elegant and can hold its own against any of the premium cars.

The City has always been known for its comfortable interiors. The plastic quality is good and feels sophisticated. Seats are very comfortable and envelope you with their plushness. Plenty of room front and rear for long legs. The best thing is the absence of the hump in the rear which makes it comfortable for the middle passenger.

It handles like a dream and can virtually turn on a dime. Very maneuverable, particularly in city traffic, which makes it easy to park. The engine has always purred along, barely making its presence felt. I have always found the power adequate even while going up the ghats with a full load. Brakes are good, though now Honda should graduate to disc brakes on the rear wheels also.

Quite happy with the Honda service. I usually go to Arya motors in Sewree and I guess I have developed some sort of an equation there. Strongly recommended, if you are thinking of buying a new car.

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