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Honda Brio is the best choice

By Trevor on 27 October 2012

HONDA BRIO!!! If u talk about performance n value for money honda brio s da best choice.. I hav personally been to honda showroom n had a check on da interiors.. My height being 5ft 8", adjusted my comfort level on da drivers seat, n then went behind n sat on da rear seat.. Jus to check da leg room available for da person seated behind me.. N to my suprise.. It was quite impressive, very spacious,for me legroom my rating 5/5..Hav come across a lot of post in diff website talking about lackin in leg room for rear seaters.. Its a myth unless ur a 5ft 10"!!! Ppl keep complainin regarding da booth space.. Its obvious, coz they hav cut short the boot space to give enuf leg room..comfort performance looks 5star rating to honda brio.. As far as Maintanance s concerned maruti tops da chart.. N talk about resale value..Ppl say maruti swift has a better resale value.. But i personally feel it all depends on da condition n da engine of da resale car..but again these r my personal review.. No offence to anyone!!! Cheers

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