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Honda Amaze Important points to note before you buy

By Ajay Rath on 17 November 2013

Car's Age: 0-3 months


Overall Rating 5
Exterior 5
Interior 5
Ride Quality 5
Maintenance 1000/ month
Mileage (city) 16 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 20 KMPL

Detailed Honda Amaze Review

What's Good?

1) Good Power 98 BHP 2) Honda Amaze – Diesel comes with ABS and EBD breaking 3) Fuel average in city is 16 kms & highway is 20 kms. Fuel saving in Diesel car is 14.286% per year x 7 years = 100% saving in 7 years. 4) Shock-up are software and better than Dzire. 5) Clutch oil makes the clutch soft. I have not seen in D`zire. In-fact I have not checked, that would be the right thing to say. 6) NVH level, Clattering & Mileage: if one drives in one gear for a long time. To reduce the NVH and clattering - RPM meter helps to reduce it by synchronizing the gears as mentioned below, you will feel the difference. It will also increase fuel efficiency. Initially you may find it hard, but once you get the hang of it, you will automatically reduce your acceleration and your car will automatically roll in one gear and eco lite will be constantly on. In this way your gear shifting will reduce. Focus a bit more on RPM and Eco Lite you will get the hang of it. When you shift to 1st gear you can pull your car to 1500 RPM. On 1500 RPM shift to 2nd gear. Then RPM on every 2000 RPM change gear so you don't strain the engine. Only in climbing you can pull it to 2500 Most of the time eco lite will be on and average and engine life will be good and the drive will be very very smooth. with regards to insulation of the cabin some say it`s pathetic - I would only say on Mumbai Western Express I have driven at 80kms an hour and my car windows are always up so I don't find the sound. I assume it has to do a bit with gear shifting, just try if it helps you in some way.

What can improve?

Music System: a) Music system provided by Honda: 2 Din music system is bad. No CD /DVD player, No SD card slot. It is limited to USB and AUX. Understanding that number of people buying CDs has reduced but at-least they should have considered SD card provision and reverse camera provision and Map option. b) Front Speakers: They are cheap speakers. They don’t have speaker magnet. If you want good speakers you can fix 6.5 inch speakers. The depth of the speaker can be maximum 3 inch, as the door depth is 3 inch. With original speakers you get a thin .25 inch ring spacer so that the speaker does not touch the door or the car window when it is rolled down. c) Back Speaker : It`s made of paper cone and are of 5 inches. They are further mounted on a 3 inch vertical spacer so that the speaker base does not touch the rod that is passing horizontally. At the back you can only mount 5.25 inch speakers. For god sake don’t fit larger speakers at the back it will spoil the whole look of the original feel. You have to cut the metal sheet d) Charging Socket: In Honda Amaze EMT and EXMT you do not get charging point. The roadside shopkeepers with a dual harness pull out a charging point FRO, THE AUDIO SOCKET. The 1st point goes to the deck and 2nd goes to the charging point. Both consume 12 Volts each from single wire that has 12 volts (single) fuse. Honda can void warranty with such alteration. And please avoid cigarette lighter for sure, as it requires 15 Volt. In such a scenario, it`s better to by SMT petrol or diesel. e) Wheel Caps: You cannot fit wheel cap in base variant. Very Very Sad.

Exteriors (5/5)


Interiors (5/5)


Ride Quality (5/5)


Overall Comments


very good


Additional services you can do : 1) 3M antirust quoting done from Honda : they will give you a warranty card. the dealer tell you 3 yrs. warranty and 6 inspections. Very Very Important : On 3M warranty card make them mention due date for inspection that should match with your 3rd service of your car that is due in the 6th Month, so 3M card should have 3M inspection thereafter every 6 month. This way you will get 3 1/2 yrs cover . Cost of service is 3,500/- 2) Belkin Charger - model -F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere USB Port : This you will get at any electronic shop. Croma, Vijay Sales, Flipkart - MRP price is 2299/-. if any shop can give it to you for Rs.2,200/- function : The Belkin AC Anywhere USB Port is just what you need if you find yourself travelling a lot without enough phone battery. Simply plug the unit into any 12-volt DC vehicle cigarette lighter socket, and the AC Anywhere converts your vehicle's battery power to 230 volts AC(common household current.) The AC Anywhere is perfect for charging batteries for your mobile phone, portable computers, electric shavers, TV/VCRs, and virtually any device. The AC Anywhere inverter features a convenient On/Off switch and fuse protection along with an audible alarm that sounds if the vehicle battery voltage drops to 10.6 volts DC. 3) Honda Floor Matting : buy it from Honda Showroom for 1500/- 4) JVC KW-AV71BT : Plays maximum movie format. it is a 2 din. compare it on sonic electronix USA for review and on amazon. My friend got this system from Dubai for 22000/- but it india some one may give it to you for 25000/- to 26500/- with warranty card. 1) Plays Maximum movie format 2) Bluetooth for phone, music, movies 3) SD card movies and songs 4) I pod 5) USB 5) DHC - Y2035L : Video Car Parking Sensors : this comes with 4 sensors and a video camera. with 01 year warranty. get it integrated from Honda . It will cost you 8750/-. DHC India is recommended by Honda No wires of Honda to be cut or else Honda voids electrical warranty. DHC India has all harnesses. 6) Coaxial Speakers : buy normal speakers - JBL. good ones will cost 8000/- a pair. study on amazon.or sonic electronix. Alpine I bought a pair for 13000/- including duty. took 30 days to reach India a) Front Speakers should be of 6.5 inches b) 3 inch depth. before buying measure with foot ruler. c) In speaker box you should get round ring spacer for free. its speakers actually get mounted on original ring spacer which increases the space between the door and the magnet. So inside the door .25 inch is left for windows to slide a) Back Speakers should be of 5.25 inches - buy normal speakers - JBL. good ones will cost 2400/- a pair. study on amazon or sonic electronix. Alpine I bought a pair for 13000/- including duty. took 30 days to reach India. What more important is the cone quality - My alpine SPR-60 6.5" cone is a Multi-Layer hybrid fiber cone delivers a really strong bass response. So when you buy a speaker see you get Multi-Layer hybrid fiber cone delivers a really strong bass response. ( front speakers) ( Back speakers) Alpine speakers are probably available in Bangalore. but too over priced. please don't buy component speakers they overload the fuse system and I don't think its required. that`s my personal view Place to Buy in Mumbai : Well Mr. Latish is a very humble and hard working at LINK WAY Honda Andheri (east), Mumbai – 9223546209. regards ajay rath -

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