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Icon basically as such is a good performing vehicle

By Girish on 11 July 2009

Icon basically as such is a good performing vehicle provided maintained well. There's hardly any maintenance except for the fuel consumption / mileage.

For a 1.3 flair, mileage varying anything between 9 kms to 11.5 kms within city limits & on highways anything between 11 to 14kms should be great.

For 1.6, milage should be slightly less as the power is more. Ideally should vary a 1-2 kms compared to that off 1.3 flair, subject to engine condition.

Also note, that these are designed to perfrom with Air Conditioners. So you should not be worrying much about the fuel consumption with A/c on. As the drop in mileage is bear minimum. Nothing more than a kilometer.

Apart these facts, there aren't any issues as for I've noticed. Besides service is done every 20,000 kms / 6 months at Ford service centers. Oil top up along with replacement of filters are done once a year or as and when required..

So the service/maintenance expenses should be arround Rs.5000/- per annum It's almost 3 years ever since i have been using. Honestly speaking am happy with the performance.. If at all you are more cautious about mileage, I would then strongly recommend you to consider the new Ford 1.4 Flair (Deisel version). This new Deisel version has a great engine same as fiesta and performance is also simply fabulous. Hope this feedback to be fine.



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