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Ikon - A Dream Car

By kiran on 23 June 2009

I travel close to 16000kms per year(Roughly 1300km/month.)

So decided that a good diesel car will be good for my driving.The logic is simple.If you drive more than 15000kms/year,its sensible to go for a diesel car. The one which has a good engine and is widely acclaimed(read this as tried and tested)

Then came the second question..which diesel car to buy.I had multiple options.Swift diesel,Palio Diesel(MJD),Tata Indica.My dad already has a Swift D which I brought for him 2 years ago,so i ruled that out.

I test drove the Fiat Palio D and loved it.My only fear factor..the service and parts for Fiat.I wasnt too keen on buying a TATA car.
Then i decided to see a few more.At the same time,i saw an ad which spoke about the New Ford Ikon diesel. I went to a Ford showroom,test drove and just loved tht car.

The engine is the same engine thats doing its duty in the Ford fiesta..Well,all of us have heard good things abt the fiesta engine..Then I did some research on the parts and service aspect.I was a little surprised of what I found..Ford has recently made a lot of improvements and a lot of localization(Its manufacted in Chennai) and hence the parts and service much cheaper than a Maruti Dzire..

So,finally,i brought the Ford Ikon 1.4 Diesel for 6.15L onroad price(I got a music system for no extra cost)

Its been 8 months and belive me,its been a dream car..Absolutely zero maintianence and the mileage in peak city traffic is close to 18km.litre of diesel..

The service is amazing..I got done with both my free services and it was superb.

The car is a fully loaded one(All 4 power windows,great view of the front,huge boot space,nice driving comfort and very easy to handle in city traffic.Its a dream on the highways..I got 25kmpl a month ago when i drove it to Mangalore.


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