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Ford Fusion "One of the worst cars in the market"

By ZAIN RAIS on 28 April 2010

I owned a ford fusion petrol 1.6 for about 4 years
One of the worst cars in the market ,the most unconfortable and the most unreliable parts
i had the worst ownership experience and i sold my car at 34000 kms with a spend on parts of close to Rs 45000
The parts are expensive they are barely there in the warehouse and in car parts shop
if you go to a car part shop and ask for fusion parts they laugh at you for owning one

its engine is amazing no doubt but rest everything is of poor quality
the plastics come off
the power windows switch plate got spoilt
the clutch plate had to be replaced
AC condensor had to be replaced
Clutch cable had to be replaced
The fuel pump had to be replaced
The plastics on AC knobs came off ,the left and right mirror adjustment knobs came off
the centre plastic plate on the dashboard came off

the suspension is terrible its got immense body roll and a bumpy harsh ride

overall if you owns a ford u spend more time energy and money repairing it
Hence i do not recommend buying a ford and specially a used fusion

imagine all the above problems were faced by me at 34000 kms with my average daily running at 15 kms/day
My fusion was june 2006 model and i just sold it about a week ago for about 2.20 Lakhs.

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