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The fusion is a great car

By Krishan on 07 October 2009

The fusion is a great car and their is no reason for u to not buy one.If you keep getting the car serviced regularly at company specified intervals it will not require much maintainence.
The Ford Fusion is a good driver's car. + Great to drive, huge amount of space inside
in long drive this car is very good car & good avrange in suv segment cars in long drive .

if you're going to do a decent amount of driving everyday. If your driving is only 15-20 km a day, then it won't be economical to install an CNG kit.

if you purchases used petrol Ford Fusion and Fitted CNC kit then it is very successful car.

Lastly, the Fusion has been an unsuccessful car for Ford, and hence buying a new petrol Fusion probably is not very wise. Try and buy a 2-3 year old car less runing for around Rs 3.5 to 3.7 lakh. That will be a really good deal for you.

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