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Ford FIGO 1.4 TDCi Titanium Diesel

By Nr Kamlesh on 13 August 2013

Car's Age: 6-12 months


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 4
Interior 4
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 500/ month
Mileage (city) 14 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 18 KMPL

Detailed Ford Figo Review

What's Good?

I bought the face-lifted Kinetic blue FIGO titanium diesel on Feb ’13. I clocked 6.5 k Kms within 6 months. I want to share you some important tweaks of ford FIGO. TDCI ( T urbo D irect C ommon Rail i gnition). Most of the hatch back cars starts the turbo power at 2000 RPM. But in the case of FIGO Diesel. it start at 1250 RPM so you will get quick response of turbo power while driving FIGO even in a low speed. whereas in other cars you will drive without reaching the Turbo limit itself. Braking Style : Apply braking whenever it is needed. I have seen many of them applying brakes without guessing the distance between the vehicles. Apply smooth brakings to improve fuel efficiency. I stay in Kerala and the roads are almost up and down , even though I get the mileage overall 17 KM / LTR. Judge the distance and control your car to stop with minimal effort of braking. This will also increase your car brakes life as well the mileage. Maintenance : 1 service free @ 2500 kms/ 3 Months, 2 Service Free @ 10 K Kms/ 1 Year(oil charge applies cost around 850- 900 rupees) , then keep servicing after each 10k kms. Note : 3 Year manufacturer warranty is there . So, You need not to worry about the manufacturer defects that is absolutely replaceable free of cost and can claim for insurance for any accidental damage, that too cashless repair done according to the insurance policy agreement and relation between the dealership and insurance company tie ups . Spare parts : FORD Started their spare parts manufacturing unit in Chennai and this is the happiest news to all the ford car users that we get the spare part as low as comparative to Maruti. Rear Window : FIGO can’t have the rear power window nor fully opened .It is because of the rear door design. If you look the rear door design closely you will easily notice the reason of 60% open by calculating the glass height. This is not a problem for me coz I always drive my FIGO with full time AC on. Engine Noise : I would say yes , Figo Makes more engine noise with AC and you will not notice this when you are inside the car. You will feel a smooth drive and hardly you will notice it when you ignite your car after a long gap( a week gap). Pressure on Tyres : I heard a lot of ground clearance issue from many users. I advise the users to have 2 points more pressure on the all the tyre than recommended. This will reduce most of the bump hits. All we need to drive our cars on decent speed brakers. This will also happened in many Sedan class cars since all the cars are designed low bed model. I travelled many times from Kerala to Tamilnadu and i never face even a single hit at bumps. I am Lucky , my state government follows the descent speed breakers height . · Then load the songs with proper song folder name. All folders and songs name should start with alphabets. If you find anything starts with numbers or special char, then rename it. · Delete the unwanted album images or thumbs if you find inside the each folders. · Avoid multi level folders. That means more than one folder contains songs inside to the parent folder which also contains the song. . · Then test your pen drive with the FIGO music system .it will play all the songs without any breaks and skips even it start playing on the next startup up where it is left last playing . There is enough positive information is shared and I don’t want to repeat the same as i too love all the aspects which is already described.

What can improve?

The low ground clearance myth : This car has never scraped its bottom even with 3 passengers. Only because of my fault (missed to see a speed breaker with 4 heavy weights sitting in my car) the car has scratched its bottom. Service Centers : It is too bad to get a good service executive at Ford Service center. Ford have to concentrate more on this and need to bring excellent mech at each service centers. Most of the users are frustrated with the servicing part. Ford have given such a good vehicle then it’s their duty to also provide pioneer service to the valuable customers. I hope many of the centers are updating the service persons for better customer relationship and also to get a positive feedback in many forums sites.

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

Exteriors : Looks are generally customer dependent and I feel the car looks chic. It looks as good as a Swift and better than a U-VA or Polo (according" to me). The paint quality is good on my car.

Interiors : The car is quite spacious for 5 with a large boot.The music system is quite good compared to stereo supplied with other hatchbacks. The front seats are just too good, where the back seat cushions are hard.The plastic quality is OK.

Smooth Drive : I red some of the comments that turbo drops at 2nd gear and need to stand on the accelerator to move the car. I do not accept the reason and those who are comments on this issues might be the beginner or a learner. The accelerator pedal should be pressed only if your car is moving freely without the help of clutch. If not so then the gear should be reduced. Almost this is the fact for all the vehicles . Engine & Transmission : The NVH levels of this engine is quite high compared to other small capacity diesels. Primary reason...this is a decade old SOHC Common rail block. However, drive this car and the engine impress you with its torque and smooth delivery of power. There is no peeky power delivery like the Swift engine or the i20. This is more in the lines of a Liva or U-VA engine (however, not so silent). The gear box carries superb ratios which is well spaced and progressive. I’ve never ran out of power on this car so far. I’ve test driven both the 75HP & 90HP Puntos..neither of which would come close to the Figo in driveability. The i20 is too poor with the gearing in 2nd, but once it crosses 2000, the vehicle responds with an unusual urgency. The Liva & U-VA felt quite balanced in this department. Steering & Suspension : Another highlight is the sporty suspension & sharp steering of Figo. Though it does not cushion all the anomalies of Indian roads, what it offer is superb control over any surface. The steering provides measured feedback which helps us in taking calculated moves on high speeds or in traffic. ABS : Normally test drivers tend to ignore this. However, I wanted to make a special mention on the ABS & EBD of Figo since this is by far the best in action which I’ve experienced. While the Swift & Liva takes time to react which is very evident and an i20 which makes a loud sound(though the sharpest brakes) while kicking in the ABS, the Polo still does not offer the sharpness which we’d expect from the unit. It’s only on a Figo where I found it to be precise(balanced) and quickly checking-in to keep the car in control... Simply loves it! Btw, the Punto offers a faded brake feel.

General : I Would like to add one important stuffs . Playing songs with USB : Buddies from now you all can hear uninterrupt songs using your pen drives in your FIGO . I alway hear songs through my pen drive. I am using 8GB Moser Baer pen drive without any audio breaks and skips problems. Initially my 8GB Pen drive was not supported. Even it didn’t played a bit and I got immediate “USB ERROR”. Then I followed the below steps to rectify the problem . FIGO music system will support 8GB pen drive. · Use standard company pen drive. · Format your pen drive initially with FAT32(Note: uncheck the “quick format” before formatting). It will take long time to format. I am using fuel additives, not to improve mileage but to retain the quality of the combustion, keep the filters and Oxygen sensors clean.

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