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Figo is good car

By Ravishankar on 10 April 2012

Sure, I too agree that Figo is good car. So my conclusion is one should go for Punto if you love style and design and are an artist at heart and can spend the bit extra. Go for the Figo if not. Thats all. By the way Polo which is used in the IPL may use the VW's 1.6 litre engines..not their weak 1.2l 3 cylinder engines..So thats no comparison at all. I wonder what VW does think of India. If in the US, the 8 cylinder and 6 cylinder is the norm, at least they should know that in India 4 cylider is the norm..Giving India 3 cylinder is like giving 4 cylinder engine in US..VW are you hearing..??

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