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Figo is the best deal for a superb car at a perfect price

By Sharbendu on 27 April 2010

Hi all, i just had a test drive today (VXI model) at Rohan Motors Noida along with my wife and here are the observations;

Improvement over old Wagon R
1. Dash board looks modern, and better plastic that the old one.
2. Integrated stereo looks neat, but the audio quality is not good so, in case you are planning for a better system, this is no good
3. Gear shift is smooth.
4. Little bit of extra leg room for the driver, I mean earlier I used to feel myself squeezed like lemon when driving WR
5. large window and windshield lets plenty of vision and a feel of large open space.

Now the Not so Good things (read shortcomings)
1. Boot Space; so little, it looks like a poodle box. The earlier one had more. I think the back portion design has been borrowed from A Star
2. Front Seat glove box. So oddly designed that it knocks your Knee in case you are of decent height. And my wife found it impossible to open it while seating there with seat belt as the lid get stuck to the leg. I cannot understand the reason of leaving positioning it such low
3. ORVM, the control knob though placed smartly gives cheap plastic feeling. In fact the edge was not smooth and was piercing in my hand
3. The driver side glass holder is useless unless you are size zero, you wont be able to reach it while driving
4. Back seat is good for two standard size adult (read healthy and not diet conscious). The third passenger can only be a small child.
5. Though there is headroom, but very little scope for stretching legs, which is essential for long journey. More so because of its upright sitting position, one ought to have backache if legs cannot be stretched.
6. AC was cooling decently at max air speed, but when I lowered it to position 2, backseat cooling was significantly less. May be because of large glasses, more sunlight is coming and the car gets heated quickly.
7. The so called surround sound speaker system is not up to the mark. My 2 speaker pioneer system sounds better.
8. At full speed the air blower makes lots of noise

The Drive:
1. In spite of Maruti's claim that it got a better power to weight ratio, the engine lacs punch. I could not reach more that 60KM because of congested road, but in the same road, I have driven Figo and it is awesome. Even my Maruti 800 got better pick up and I can wheel spin it in 2nd gear.
2. The engine makes lot of noise when revving it up in low gear. This is may be because of no noise dampening material under hood. (Quite surprisingly)
3. The PS feels too light. The earlier one also was light, but this one somehow felt vague even at 60 KM
4. The suspension also far below its competition, even not comparable to other latest Maruti models. The steering and the body gives a noticeable jolt even when moving over mildly broken patch of road at 20/30 km
5. Little bit of body roll at low speeds also; I took a sharp left and then right manoeuvre at 40 KM

Overall Decision;
Me and my wife unanimously decided not to go for it. She rated it even below new Estilo and no where near Figo or i10 (Magna). So far we have found Figo is the best deal for a superb car at a perfect price (in fact too aggressive price, I should say)

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