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Vikrant Singh Vikrant Singh Friday 10 March 2017

Contrary to expectations, the new Ford Figo hasn’t set the sales charts on fire. The car it replaced, did; at least in its initial run. So, what went wrong? Why aren’t buyers buying into the new Ford promise? Is the new Figo not good enough?

Ford Figo

Let’s start with the latter first. The new Figo is without doubt a good car. Not only has it done well in our tests, it also managed to impress us – and India’s ace racing driver Aditya Patel (you can read about that here) – on a racetrack. As for the Ford promise of its cars being truly affordable to maintain, well, we have the stats and it is true. But, Ford will need to do more than present facts to change perception. It will have to constantly drum it into the prospect buyers’ head. It is doing that, but it’s a slow climb.

Ford Figo

Finally, let’s talk about what really went wrong with the new Figo sales numbers. Well, things didn’t exactly go wrong, but yes, the market has changed dramatically since the original Figo was launched. When the Figo first came out it was a proposition the competition found difficult to match. It managed to blend great space with efficient engines and a nice to drive feel. Not to mention, the product-price offer was fantastic! And it has proven to be reliable over time as well.

Ford Figo

Enter the new Figo and the market place is already buzzing with great deals and numerous options from almost every carmaker. Plus, even though the new Figo is a good product, on the face of it, it doesn’t seem to have that unique or special selling point of its predecessor. What’s more the new car doesn’t instantly stand out as a ‘great buy’ in face of the competition either.

Ford Figo

So, in order to find out if the new Ford Figo does have something special – maybe an ace up its sleeve – we now have one on our long-term fleet. We will be driving the car extensively for six months and will be reporting on its good, bad and special bits. Our Figo meanwhile is the most expensive variant one can buy today. It is the 110bhp, petrol powered, Titanium version and in automatic guise. Stay tuned for further updates.

Pictures: Kapil Angane

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