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Awesome car!!

By Sak on 23 January 2012

My parents got this car in the first week of Jan, And I came to India for vacation around that time when I got to drive it around, I was left awestruck with the car. The handling of the car is one of the best I have come across in India, I have driven the hatchback version of fiesta in the UK and there is literally no difference in build quality between the two versions. Played around with the voice interaction features and should say its better than Apple SIRI, It was uselful to change songs, fm stations, make calls while driving in the traffic. Definitely a Drivers car so self driving ppl will cherish the car, Those who use drivers wont fancy this much as the leg/seat space on the back is not as big as vento/city but the cabin noise level is amazingly quiet. I would give 4/5 for looks (front and the side view is futuristic and cool whereas the back is a bit disapointing) but will give 5/5 for the drive/handling/mileage the steering wheel is an absolute joy, Whether the cruise control will be useful in india is a diff question, but given a choice its better to have it than not have it in this segment

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