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Fiesta Ikon or Verna

By Siddharth Malhotra on 22 September 2009

If you want to choose between Ikon,Fiesta and Verna - it depends on what you are looking for.. to be precise.. The Ikon is good buy for the price that you pay(maybe like 1.5 - 2 lakhs cheaper than the dFiesta / verna) , but overall, after a few months, the engine gets too noisy. I guess it is tooo cramped for a sedan.. you won't really be too happy with it.. the engine's too heavy for the body.. it has the same fiesta engine, will definitely give you better mileage than the fiesta as it is lighter..

The Verna and the Fiesta are absolute comparables!! yeah, but More or less the same, just that the Verna is more sleek looking I am sure, that what gets most people, but I feel the Fiesta is more Spacious..than the Verna, when u sit in the drivers seat of the vrena you feel like you are being cramped into it after you test drive a Fiesta...

I owned a fiesta, only after test driving a fiesta, Verna and a swift diesel.. i'd suggest you to go for the swift diesel or the Dezire diesel rather than the Ikon if your budget is an issue!!...But Fiesta is hands down for me, the service center at Malad is pretty neat, they are good and very Customer friendly, though I hear that Verna being hyundai, would be cheaper on the maintenance!!

I drove my fiesta for a whopping 55,000 in just 16 months, so I needed a diesel.. my need was to travel around about 100-150 km's everyday.. You need city drivin, go for the petrol... Smooth as silk.. the rest is on you.. :)
for me, I'd buy a fiesta ( petrol or diesel ) again!!

The reason I sold it was I was moving abroad for an year, didnt want to pay my EMI for 15 months, with the car standing, or I'd never get rid of it!!


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