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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Sunday 25 October 2009

It had been sometime since I drove an SUV, so when I got a chance to testdrive the Endeavour 4WD, I grabbed it with both hands. Looking forward, driving a 4WD Ford Endeavour was a terrific experience. This was my first drive in an automatic transmission, 4WD SUV, and well, the experience was not only overwhelming but a little scaring too!

But after I got used to the drive and re-using the automatic shift, I was good to go.

So here’s my review of the 4WD, AT Ford Endeavour!




The Ford Endeavour is a family SUV and is definitely a behemoth of a machine. The aggressive fascia is quite impressive and the front grilles look nice against the silver colour, headlamps and a huge bonnet added to the grandeur. The silver side steps were quite imposing and climbing on to the vehicle lends a privileged feeling. The car definitely has a tall stance and even people with good and tall physique would find the vehicle to be a little imposing! 


The 4x4 model comes with cutting-edge theft protection system and advanced active and passive features. The GPS system installed was truly impressive. It was nice to see the same in India what I had seen in Singapore earlier. When taking a reverse, the GPS screen turns on the camera installed at the rear under the car and you can easily see the road behind you. The car also has sensors so if there is any blockage coming near while parking or taking reverse, a tiny alarm alerts the driver. The front screen is a touch panel that lets you choose the music options or SAT-NAV option.


At the heart of the Ford Endeavour lies a 2.5 L turbocharged diesel engine, which churns out a power of 114 PS @ 3500 rpm and maximum torque of 285 Nm @ 2000 rpm. Even in the 4x4 model, you have an option for 2WD which is good for city drives. If you are an off-roader, 4WD gives you superb handling and super-efficient drive.

Huge tyres and bigger chassis make handling quite easy. Although I only drove the car in the city test drive nevertheless, the car handled bumpy roads quite well. The massive shape of an SUV automatically drives attention and people tend to make their own way away from the vehicle, lest they scratch against such a large vehicle. This is a pleasure that you don’t get in small cars where people tend to just cut their way right in front of your nose.

After a few minutes of driving, automatic driving was a pleasure and the feel was quite good. This vehicle is definitely made for long drives or even on hilly terrains as you can feel that the power assisted steering wheels offer superb responsiveness. 


The automatic transmission Ford Endeavour is available at Rs. 18.9 lakh (ex-showroom, Indore). Ford Endeavour 2.5L 4x2 model is priced at Rs. 16.83 lakh. It is available in a colour range including Brush Steel, Mystic Wine, Panther Black, Diamond White and Jeans Blue.

Ford Endeavour is a great car if you are looking for great value car. Although it doesn’t beat the design and style of Honda cars and Honda CRV does present a more subtle luxury with its exteriors, nevertheless, Ford Endeavour with its raw masculinity and charisma impresses you with its spacious interiors and comfortable ride. A good catch, for a girl like me! 

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