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55000 Kms Review

By Sushant Divakar on 18 January 2014

Car's Age: 1-3 years


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 5
Interior 4
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 1000/ month
Mileage (city) 17 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 22 KMPL

Detailed Fiat Linea Review

What's Good?

A sturdy vehicle with excellent comfort and mileage. My car has been extremely well used and apart from servicing it ever 15000 kmts, there is no expense on it. I have not had any problems with engine, suspension, gearbox, or any electric part till date. My driving delivers a steady 16-17 kmpl in the city, while on highways its easily 20-22. There were minor issues such as the wind screen washer motor giving way, but nothing major. From an engineering perspective the 1.3 MJD engines are now proven to be reliable and strong. A wonderful car, now even at a better price. Loads of tech stuff on the car :- Follow me lights, rain sensing wipers, blue & me, auto headlamps, etc...

What can improve?

What makes a car good and what makes it great? While this discussion draws endless debate, no car ever made is perfect, the laws of physics and Maslow, make it all the more harder for any single person to love a particular car for eternity. Hence I submit the following : The linea inspite of its stunning looks fails to provide a stable spares back up, the turn around time for any bodywork, etc has been not less than 1 week, this principally attributed to its spares supply chain. The nearest authorised service center for me is about 25 kmts away. The earlier models had extreamly low ground clearance, this made it impossible to drive with 4 passengers in a monsoon intensive city like Hyderabad, I have learnt that the more recent models have best in the class ground clearance now. The 1.3 MJD engine being frugal did create a lot of drag and wind noise on highways, over 140 it appeared to be "over worked" understandable because of its relatively smaller displacement. The low beams are insufficient for even city use. If you are a careful, balanced and safe driver, this car will bring you more smiles through the miles. The more you use it the more you love it.

Exteriors (5/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

Brilliant design a work of passion and art.

Elegant, nothing to complain about, spacious and very comfortable.

Super suspension set up, great seat support, and clear driving position.

I love the linea, its not about driving a car its about driving it in style :)

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