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Punto is way better than swift.

By Sanjay on 16 November 2011

Parteek Sir,
First of all u didn't answered my 1st question. Its clearly indicates that you haven't owned fiat's vehicle.Then how come you judge Fiat Punto or any of fiat's product?

Secondly, it makes a Punto better a choice because of the long history the company shares with the world. Remember even before swift was born, Punto already existed in the market.

Thirdly as you have compared the sales, even if 100000 swift is sold it is not going to affect Fiat only it would still benefit fiat; more the swift is sold more it would benefit Fiat.

Fourthly I prefer to be practical. Punto is way better than swift. And as you told to take demo of both cars I have already driven both.
I wont to share with u one incident were we were driving swift for demo, with us one Suzuki guy accompanied ,
in our conversation(this particular topic came up because of Bad Road), he told us, for best handling, well insulated cabin , superb suspension system & best driving dynamics in hatchback, Fiat Punto is the best.This was wat the Suzuki guy told us .
Not only this guy but every automobile expert will agree for fiat's strong body, excellent ride handling & suspension setup & driving dynamics.

Now related to performance I would say that Punto is still way ahead than Swift. Swift engine Performance is 75Ps of power @ 4000Rpm & 190Nm of torque @ 2000Rpm &
Punto performance is 76Ps of power @ 4000Rpm & 197Nm of Torque @ 1750Rpm. Now Punto is having 1ps of extra power(76Ps) which is not available in swift(75Ps) & Punto is having 7Nm of extra Torque(197Nm) which is absent in Swift(190Nm) & also Punto delivers its full torque very early @ 1750Rpm but swift delivers its full torque at 2000Rpm that means Punto delivers the torque early by 250Nm compared to Swift & b'coz of this Punto accelerates much faster.
Now regarding tuning that U told "you will feel
the same engine has a better response in maruti swift and thats because maruti has tuned it for itself."I would say here Maruti Suzuki hasn't done any magical tuning
as u say; they just reduced the power by 1Ps & reduced torque by 7Nm i.e. 190nm @ 2000Rpm which is little bit underpowered compared to Punto i.e. 197nm @ 1750rpm. So naturally swift would give more mileage by 1 or 1.5KM/L extra & also Suzuki uses light metal body,
which is not strong as Fiat's body. Fiat uses heavy Metal for all their cars, only to protect their customers NOT TO KILL THEM by using light metal.
So when light metals are used, car gives more mileage & it accelerates a bit more compared to heavy metal cars. But I think people should go for strong metal body cars for e.g many of our ministers still prefer to drive in Ambassador.Why are they use still such vehicle b'coz this cars uses heavy metal body. If life is gone then wats the use of mileage. The kerb weight of swift is
1075kg while kerb weight of Punto is 1130kg. This clearly indicates Punto is on a heavier side but with strong body one is safe inside of this vehicle .
Suzuki has only reduced the power & are using light metal body because of this swift returns 1 or 1.5km of extra mileage.

I would also like to tell u this, in Euro Ncap rating test swift achieved only 4 star for safety while Punto has achieved 5-star rating for safety.Like I have said Fiat cares for their Customers. One more thing is that
New swift boot space is not mentioned in the broucher.But in old swift's broucher they have mentioned .I would just say Maruti is just hiding the truth or just fooling the Indian customer or they are not straight forward. Through the source I found that new swift's boot space is only 204 liter.
Maruti just don't want to tell the truth, I feel sad for the Indian customers who just blindly go for swift or who have full confidence in Maruti. Old swift had good boot space of 232 liters compared to the new one.
Fiat Punto has more boot space of 280 liter which is quite good compared to the pathetic boot space of new swift or old swift.
Lastly Fiat are excellently taking care of their customers. Even though Tata is providing the service , they are taking well care of the fiat's customers.
Like I have said earlier its just the "marketing strategy" 'used by other companies to downgrade a company even though they take care of their customers well.
At the last I wud say fiat don't hide things from customers.

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