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Punto is NOT sluggish!!

By panks on 03 July 2009

Please don't go by people saying that Punto is a sluggish car to drive, it's completely untrue. The acceleration is more linear throughout the power band. In Swift, the turbo kicks in at 2000 RPM delivering 190Nm of torque giving a feeling of sudden rush in power. In Punto, the max torque of 197Nm is linear, so your acceleration from zero is better compared to Swift. Maruti borrows the engine from Fiat, there is nothing much in difference than the way two manufacturers have mated the gear box to it. Please compare the 0-100 figures of both and they would be identical at appx 17 secs.

Please make your decision based on what suits you. Punto is a better built car with loads of features. This is a car that'll last long. More spacious. Drawbacks are slightly cramped leg space for driver, tapering back roofline is uncomfortable for tall back seaters. This car will handle better and the ride will be excellent.
On the other hand, Maruti's are built to a price. They have excellent spares availability and cheaper to maintain. The service levels are good.

Howvever, with 15000 kms service interval and 30000 kms oil change recommended by Fiat for Punto, you shouldn't be visiting the service center too often.

Please think about pros and cons before makaing the big decision as your decision cannot be reversed once you buy.

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