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Don't buy this vehicle

By Man Laundry on 24 January 2018

Car's Age: 1-3 years


Overall Rating 1
Exterior 2
Interior 1
Ride Quality 2
Maintenance 0/ month
Mileage (city) 21 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 22 KMPL

Detailed Eicher Polaris Multix Review

What's Good?


What can improve?

Nothing, it needs to be totally rebuilt

Exteriors (2/5)


Interiors (1/5)


Ride Quality (2/5)


Overall Comments

Totally fibre only changeable parts

Very poor

Very poor

Please don't buy this vehicle, it's not a commercial vehicle as told by the dealer it a passenger vehicle. You need to carry an umbrella and a water boots at times of rain water pours like a water falls in times of rain. The Tyres start to worn out on one side as low as 5000 kms if ask the dealer, he will say it is normal in this vehicle and all vehicles have this problem. Not even a single electric part including the horn, dipper switch, the indicators and wiper switch will stop working from the 6th month. They say the Maintenance is very cheap and do only oil change and charge you 2500/-. Even the greasing should be done outside and it is not possible to reach the radiator, greasing points, coolant cover and the oil indicator rod, for all this check you need to go to the dealer and you cannot do it on our own. They have not even changed the lower arm bush for 50000 kms and say the part is not available and I am waiting for it for the past one month. Now at last the fuel pump is gone in one year and they don't have a spare for it and I have change the whole pump and it am waiting for the past 7 days for it. The only good in this vehicle is the mileage which is slightly above 20.

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