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Aditya Chatterjee Aditya Chatterjee Saturday 27 Apr 2013, 10:32 AM

The Mahindra Bolero stands firm on the rural grounds of India with its simplistic design and confident SUV stance while the Tata Sumo Gold has got its new renovation and aspires to push the Bolero or at least try doing that. Back in the day in 1994, when India was just maturing to the concept of MUVS and Mahindra was the only option,Tata Motors launched the Sumo. The Tata Sumo Gold presently is available at a price range of Rs. 6.71 - Rs. 9.06 lakhs. It is available in 8 variants.

The Mahindra Bolero is available at a price range of Rs. 5.51 - Rs. 7.05 lakhs and is available in 10 variants in both BS3 and BS4 options. Having an after sales network unparallel to any other manufacturer, Mahindra dominates the SUV segments in India. From the entry level compact SUV Quanto to the premium Ssangyong Rexton. The company claims to be known as the Maruti Suzuki of SUVs which is so true. Let us find out more on the number SUV of India and why it holds strong importance in Mahindra’s portfolio.

Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero Exteriors

Mahindra Bolero recently got a facelift and this time it has incorporated the Mahindra family look with the toothed radiator grille. The radiator grille is done in too much chrome and looks tacky. The new headlamps look smart with integrated turn indicators. Flat head bonnet paired with square cut lines all over make the Bolero look very raw and strong. The Mahindra Bolero has got characteristic design features. There is not a slight hint of flow in the design and instead everything looks linear. The pillars are straight and strong. There are mild flares on the side profile. There is also a provision for side step for easy access of passengers inside the cabin.


Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero
Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero

The Tata Sumo is a total no nonsense looking vehicle with no flowing lines. It looks like it was made in a gym with no extra flab and fat anywhere. In fact, the ruggedness of the vehicle is what appeals me the most. With its G Wagon inspired design, this vehicle looks very raw.

Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero Interiors

So this is a basic SUV and the company is clear about it as well. The interiors are little away from being called feature rich. The merit of it is the cabin space. There are oodles of room inside so no matter your body built a passenger of possibly any shape, size and dimension can easily squeeze in.

The front dashboard is bare basic and tall in construction. The seats are not very comfortable but then still manage to hold the passengers safely. There is a cushion support arrangement as well. Even for the second row passengers the cabin is very spacious and the same feeling remains for the third row occupants.

Very similar to the external profile there is not much that Mahindra offers in the Bolero. It is a reasonably sized SUV and thus the space offered is decent. The front row passengers enjoy lot of room while the scene is not that merry for the ones seating behind. These seats can be more comfortable and also provide adequate supports as on long journeys this would be a tough situation to handle.

Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero Performance

The Mahindra Bolero has a 2523 CC m2DiCR Engine which produces a maximum power of 46.3 kW at 3200 rpm and a maximum torque of 195Nm at a range of 1400 to 2200 rpm. This engine is offered with a NGT 520 5 speed gearbox. With a ground clearance of 180mm and Independent with coil spring setup, the Bolero becomes a perfect getaway car from the daily routine. In fact, the Mahindra Bolero is a hot favorite in the rural market as well. It tall body shape and strong suspensions give the confidence of being able to take it anywhere. It has a turning radius of 5.8M which is not too small but then decent.


Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero
Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero

The Tata Sumo Gold BS4 variant is powered by a 2956cc CR4 engine. It produces a power output of 85PS at 3000 rpm and a torque of 250Nm at 1000 to 2000 rpm. It is equipped with a G-76-5/4.1 gearbox which is claimed to be a smooth box and does not repeat the hassles of the earlier unit. The driver seats at a very tall position and enjoys a wide and superb view of the street. The bare basic but grand on street appeal of the Sumo is the fun element. The engine may not sound smooth at the beginning but then as the revs go higher the 3L beast matures and gets subtle. It offers enough pull to reach speeds of 120Km/h. After that the vehicle gets very unstable and evidently cause of its tall design character

Tata Sumo Vs Mahindra Bolero Conclusion

The Tata Sumo Gold is priced at Rs. 689616 (GX variant Ex-Showroom Thane). With the same amount of money, I can also get a Mahindra Quanto which is small but very efficient and has a better fit and finish and for enthusiastic feel, I can opt for the Mahindra Tharwith a 4x4 option. But what the Sumo offers that the other 2 don’t is the space inside also the Sumo Gold has a bigger engine.

There has to be some reason on why it is called India’s no.1 SUV and it is very simple. The product is built in a very strong way possible. The new engine offered is smooth and also high on fuel efficiency.