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I own a OPTRA 1.6 PETROL.And i bought it second hand only.

By Saroj Kumar Dora on 25 November 2009

I own a OPTRA 1.6 PETROL.And i bought it second hand only.

The factors to consider while buying this car would be:
Comfort,performance or looks?

Comfort wise there is absolutely no doubt that this 1600cc car would be a great one to drive...the maneuver is great and the jerks almost NIL to be felt....Lot of back seat space and a great one to drive for long hours

Performance would depend on what is the condition while buying the car and how you would maintain it going forward.Every 5000kms would entail a servicing to be done which would not be cheap considering the service cost of GM cars specially OPTRA.The SPEEDOMETER is a whooping 18k!!!tyres would cost around 3200/- each and normal oil change would cost atleast 3k.

LOOKS:Great one....simply stunning as compared to any other car in its category....But LOOKS also KILL...BEWARE

My suggestion:Check the car and your after purchase regular maintenance Budget!!!!If you get a car which is say 2006-2007 model in that 4 lacs then go for it.Check the tyres and the history from the workshop.But 4 lacs is a bad bargain for OPTRA....You would get it in the range of 3 to 3.5lacs....mileage is surely a problem but then you would be driving an OPTRA!!One of the best Cars from the GM stable...why worry about the mileage?anyways it would give in between 8-10 kms per litre if driven properly

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