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Beat the BEAT

By Riksy on 13 October 2010

Looks are subjective to all people but most of them tend to like them. I am one of them. Interiors give me a feeling that I am sitting in an expensive Sedan. Considerably better than others in the same cadre. So keeping looks aside (which are mainly for ladies), we come to the main points -

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

Performance is Ok. I have to switch off AC to sometimes accelerate in 2nd gear but I am HAPPY to do it as that gives me good FE. As of now, I am getting a economy of 15+ with 25% AC on and believe me, the AC is too strong and I have to switch it off sometimes and switch it on back. Gears are smooth. Road clearance is a problem but I think its mainly because in my city there are new potholes coming up everyday due to heavy rain so can't blame the car. A nice package indeed.

Ride Quality & Handling

I never found any problem. The response to steering is fast, the braking is nice though I have not tried it on a highway yet. I want to complete my 2nd service and 5000K mark before going beyond 80 Km/Hr - yes, you are right - I have not touched it yet. Also, I think the FE should increase after the 2nd service. My beat has completed only 3000 Kms yet.

Final Words

I had many doubts before buying it mainly for the brand and resale value - if you want to buy with the perspective of reselling it - then probably you should buy a bike as it has its life of not more than 3-5 years. For a car, that too a hatchback, that too for a middle-class family guy, buy a car that you would like to keep with you always or for at least 10 years and I found Beat to be one of those cars. After 10 years, no car has a value. I have a Maruti 800 which is only 8 years old and no one is ready to buy it even for 25K. Pity. There was a time when I bought a second hand 6 years old Maruti 800 for 1.20 lacs. That time is long gone. Today people do not buy old vehicles as their purchasing power is more and cars are cheap. Nonetheless, there are no good deals available outside. SO guys, ask yourself - are you going to keep a vehicle for life? If yes, Chevy is a good bet. GM is in top 10 largest companies of the world and they have made innovations that are trend-setting. So my final words would be - Go for it!

Even if I buy a sedan later, I will keep this car with me always as a secondary vehicle (or for my wife).

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