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Beat is a smart choice.

By madjack on 10 May 2010

Beat is a smart choice. I read the other comments. I dont agree with them. Someone says, low milage, you get low milage on any car if you do not follow the manufacturers advice on breaking in the engine. I own a maruti swift, still I would advice you for the Chevvy beat or Indica drivetech. Someone has said the outside view is limited. I dont agree, you can see everything, its just that the outside people cant see in. so unless you want people to see you inside, I think its a cool design function. Also its very sporty looking. Also the comment on its American lineage is invalid. Because if people were to follow that, then hyundai shouldnt have done well here, since its the least preferred brand abroad, skoda is mostly used by cabs, but thats not so here, the ground rules here are different.
Take a test drive and take a call. Both are good choices backed by good service.

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