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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Sunday 22 March 2009

It is still a doubt if the Indian consumer is ready for a compact SUV. BMW X3 is going to be India’s costliest small car on the road. SUVs have been projected as a family car or big cars for adventurous rides. BMW’s X3 is no where near to any of these. There are no three rows of seat to carry your family, your parents, your picnic and camping gear and your pet. Moreover, it does not come with a diesel engine either.


Then what does BMW X3 brings in for the Indian consumer? What is BMW planning for those who are more used to the archetypal SUVs on Indian roads? BMW X3 is actually a healthy mix of an SUV and a saloon. You can travel with your wife and kids on a long journey to the near by holiday spots. Like all other BMW cars, this one is also specifically designed with an undiluted focus on the driver. The driver seat is neither too high like a traditional SUV nor is it lowly hunched like a saloon car.

Getting the Inside Out Perspective

BMW X3 is stylish that underscores strong temperament and adventurous ambitions. The overall look from the powerful bonnet to a distinctive rear is quite impressive. It carries an unmistakable character that has strong muscular proportions. Moreover, you can hardly ignore the powerful presence it makes on the Indian roads. It definitely catches a second glance and heads do turn 180 when it passes by swiftly.

The new BMW X3 also portrays a perfect blend on colors, shapes and style in its interiors. It has everything that is expected from an expensive SUV especially coming from BMW. The overall design bespeaks of exquisite and outstanding standards clubbed with perfect functionalities perfectly placed. The seamless interiors cast an impressive image on the onlooker. The usual storage compartment is accompanied with more space for anything that you would like to accompany to your trip to the favored destination.

Having Full Control

BMW X3 bears a strong chassis that responds positively to adventurous driving of an enthusiastic driver. It has hydraulic assisted rack with a pinion steering. Moreover, its strong chassis gives you a perfect opportunity to drive and park your SUV at any place. It has a four wheel drive system that lets the driver have full control over the vehicle and also offers some amount of off road capability.

It possesses 6-cylinder engine that gives spectacular strength to the engine. It delivers an outstanding efficiency offering maximum power of 189bhp@6000 rpm that delivers unsurpassed smoothness. It delivers a maximum torque of 24.8kgm@3200rpm.

Style and Comfort

BMW has always catered to maximum luxury in all its automobiles. However, Indian consumers may seem to complain about the lesser space due to the compact design of the SUV. Apart from the controversial styling, the new BMW X# has everything that a luxury SUV should possess. It come with comfort and convenience of AV without climate control, power windows, central locking, remote boot, remote fuel filler, rear wiper, rear AC vent, etc. It also provides the active and passive safety features of air bag, fog lamp, ABS, etc.

The market critics are still skeptical about its value for money and await the consumer reactions when the car is finally launched in the Indian market. With price band of above Rs. 50 lac, there are not many who would be betting their money on this car.

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