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BMW X1 : Not a Luxury Experience!!!!

By Mohammed Ali Guard on 09 May 2017

Car's Age: 6-12 months


Overall Rating 1
Exterior 2
Interior 3
Ride Quality 2
Maintenance 0/ month
Mileage (city) 8 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 10 KMPL

Detailed BMW X1 Review

What's Good?

The Brand BMW

What can improve?

A lot as noted in the other comments below.

Exteriors (2/5)


Interiors (3/5)


Ride Quality (2/5)


Overall Comments

My BMW X1 x-drive is a brand new 2016 July purchase. Needless to say a buy of INR 50,00,000 is a big thing and a dream come true for anybody whose middle-class or upper-middle class in India. I had huge expectations from this purchase not just with regards to the car itself but performance of the car and quality of service rendered by BMW itself. I am truly saddened to say that it has fallen short on many many counts, some of which I have highlighted in the pointers below :- 1. BMW claims that their Tyre's can run for 200KM even after a flat Tyre (also one of the reasons BMW cars don't have a stepny except the Indian launched version of X1), this is the tallest and most incorrect claim ever. My car had a flat once when I was on the highway outside of Bangalore, when I contacted the customer service team they said I could drive the car for 80KM however there is a chance the Tyre may just come off the car, this is something they never inform when they are selling the car, I then had to fix the stepny which again is a smaller Tyre and not same as the original. 2.- BMW Service Center Customer Service - is the worst I have ever encountered, I have owned a Mahindra before this and still have a Hyundai and i must say their customer service by far exceeds BMW Service Center Customer Service. Not only does one have to follow up with them to know the status of your car but also remind them of the service requested, their service center personnel are weary, lethargic lazy individuals who do not care about your car nor the trouble your going through for it. I have had one-to-many arguments with the service center folks about the same but to no avail. 3.The suspension of the vehicle is not up to the mark at all, if this car is made for US/European roads then it can be understood but on Indian roads the makers should have kept in mind the road quality, number of potholes etc and created the suspension just as strong. Currently the car jumps and makes a noise for the smallest of potholes. 4. The trunk of the car is not built as sturdily as the doors, it needs to be banged to closed, even less-expensive brands are having the push button technology to close the trunk and BMW doesn't have that, this is not very pleasing. 5. The Air conditioning vents for the rear seats are not rightly placed and do not cool enough even after the temperature is lowered causing discomfort to passengers behind as well as in the front seats which freeze with cold. All in All this buy has not been a luxury experience for me and I definitely do not recommend this purchase to any of my friends. Buying a BMW was a dream for me which has not turned out to be a pleasant one in reality.

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