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Tips to keep your car safe this Diwali...

04 January 2020, 12:15 PM

It’s that time of the year when all the houses are decked with bright colourful lights and treat yourself to your favourite sweets. Fancy fireworks make it irresistible for us to stay away from them. Although dangerous, we somehow manage to protect our dear ones as well as ourselves. However, our buddies on four wheels are often left to fend for themselves. In order to avoid waking up to the sight of a damaged vehicle the next morning, it is important that you read the below mentioned tips to keep your car safe this Diwali.  

Garage parking

For those who do not own a private garage parking space, finding or making arrangement for one this Diwali is recommended. A covered garage will prevent misfired rockets or sparks from crackers from damaging your vehicle.

Avoid car covers

Avoid car parking covers during Diwali in case you are forced to park your vehicle n open. Most parking covers are not fire proof and susceptible to stray sparks or fire.

Alertness while driving

While driving, watch out for people lighting firecrackers on the road. In the event of a sudden loud cracker burst near you, there are chances that you might lose control over your vehicle. Moreover, you would not want crackers going off near the fuel pipes.

Keep windows shut

Ensure that the car windows are tightly shut while driving or when parked. The interior is inflammable and there is a possibility of it catching fire from random fireworks landing inside the vehicle.

Fire Extinguisher

Festive season or otherwise, motorists should make it a habit to carry a fire extinguisher in the vehicle. Having one makes it easier to control fire whenever the vehicle is involved in any untoward incident. It should be placed where it is easily accessible to occupants.

As a responsible citizen, it goes without saying that we should avoid bursting crackers beside someone else’s vehicle, just the way we would not like someone playing around our vehicle. Avoid bursting noisy and dangerous crackers and let’s make it a pleasant one in the true sense for everyone around. Happy Diwali!              



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