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The 10 Most Hi-Tech Cars Roundup...

23 February 2016, 11:18 AM

The automotive world is growing at a blistering pace. More performance, better fuel mileage & lower emissions are being balanced by exquisite designs both inside & out. Here’s our pick of 10 most hi-tech cars around, some of whom should make it to showrooms in our side of the world:

1. BMW 7 Series: A technological tour-de-force, the latest generation 7 Series promises to take luxury & sportiness to unheard of levels with its ‘Carbon Core’ engineering & gadget-pampering.

2. Toyota Camry Hybrid: With the best rear-seat in the house & a ride that’s most pampering for passengers at the back, Toyota’s Camry Hybrid is one of the 10 most hi-tech cars in India.

3. Audi A3: An entry level sedan, it may be, but the quad-ring logo out front & at the back means that this car is no ordinary one. From extensive driver aids to help harness all that power from the engine & a cabin that’s plush enough to keep the rising cognoscenti happy, the latest generation Audi A3 that’s coming soon is one of the most anticipated new cars in India.

4. Volvo XC90: A full-size SUV that plays its Scandinavian roots to the hilt, the Thor’s Hammer inspired headlamps make for one imposing front end to a car that’s an exclusive and tech-laden alternative to the usual German competition.

5. Nissan GT-R: Sporting more power, a better upholstered cabin & all the bells & whistles possible, the Nissan GT-R is easily one of the 10 most hi-tech cars coming to India this year.

6. Ford Mustang: Now in the sixth-generation, the Ford Mustang is a motoring icon that’s going on sale later this year, with a 5 litre, V8 making 420 bhp & a special, performance tech package as standard. We’re stoked!

7. Grand Cherokee SRT: A luxury, full-size SUV that screams performance, the Grand Cherokee SRT has 475 hard-charging ponies thanks to its 6.4 litre HEMI V8 motor under the hood. Going ton up in sub-five seconds was never this fun.

8. Mahindra XUV Aero: Currently, just a concept, Mahindra’s XUV Aero has got us raving about it. Those clam-shell doors, the styling that’s done in-house, in Mumbai & futuristic design have us swooning.

9. Dodge Charger: One of two cars we’d like to see, now that we know that the Mustang is going to be here is the Dodge Charger featuring the company’s UConnect 8.4 AN infotainment system that turns it into such an entertaining powerhouse, complementing the thrill of that powerful motor.

10. VW Golf Electric: The e-Golf offers all the luxury trappings of the mini-Merc that the regular Golf is, together with the promise of zero tail-pipe emissions. We want!


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