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10 Things To Know About The New, Maruti Suzuki S-C...

02 May 2016, 04:52 PM

Maruti-Suzuki, India’s numero-uno car manufacturer has traditionally been known more for its frugal, easy-on-the-wallet cars that have immense mass-market appeal. However, it was with the Swift hatchback that the Japanese car maker showed the potential that it could up the game when it came to a premium product offering. Now, ten years later, the car maker has done just that with the launch of the S-Cross. Given how important the car is in the Japanese major’s overall portfolio, here’s a list of 10 things to know about the new, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross:

1. The S-Cross is the first ever premium-crossover to come out of Maruti production plants. The company has never-before had a premium-crossover in their portfolio and as such are in untested waters with their product.

2. The S-Cross launch also marked the introduction of a whole new automobile retailing experience from Maruti. Recognizing the need for a more exclusive environment for their premium offerings, the company introduced the ‘NEXA’ range of retail outlets.

3. Only Suzuki badges are used all over the car. The Maruti S-Cross features no mention of the Maruti name anywhere on the car, becoming the first ever product from the manufacturer to be sold like this.

4. The exterior styling is rather bland for a premium, crossover offering if you ask us. Maruti have played it real safe and it kind-of works against the car which is fine otherwise, especially in light of the competition.

5. Still, the bi-xenon headlamps and the integrated DRL’s are a talking point when you are looking at 10 things to know about the new, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross.

6. The S-Cross bucks the usual trend of chrome-lashings everywhere that other Maruti products come laden with.

7. The overall styling on the S-Cross is more akin to a large hatchback than a proper crossover. It confuses people at first glance.

8. Maruti have opted for extensive parts sharing in the cabin of the S-Cross. The switchgear, auxiliary switches, steering wheel and power-window controls are all direct lifts from the company’s other models. This detracts sharply from the car’s ‘premium’ positioning.

9. The 1.6 litre DDiS engine with its 320 Nm torque output is the engine variant to choose on the S-Cross. Powerful & torquey, it truly befits the premium-ness of the car.

10. The company is offering some great deals and an attractive discount on the S-Cross. So now is a good time to buy one if you’re thinking about it.

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