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What Is Eco Safe Driving?...

06 January 2016, 05:05 PM

India is in the throes of an automobile-explosion. As infrastructure struggles to keep up, the open nature of the economy means that the availability of a wide range of cars is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, the driving standards leave much to be desired and consequently, cars in India are involved in a higher percentage of accidents than any other equivalent market in the world.

The air-quality too is suffering under the onslaught of an ever increasing number of personal vehicles clogging the roads in cities and towns. Things have come to such a pass that local governments are starting to place temporary restrictions on new vehicle registrations and incorporating other measures. In light of this scenario, it has indeed become important for everyone to learn more about what is eco-safe driving and its multiple benefits. Putting things plainly, it is an approach that offers the twin-benefits of improving safety on the road and reducing the impact of tail-pipe emissions on the environment. 

Lord knows that the cars in India can push their maintenance programmes to a higher level than what they are at the present. Through periodic maintenance measures and the simple act of adhering to manufacture recommended schedules, usage of genuine parts and their ilk would go a long way.

These days, traffic signals in cities have begun to offer a countdown to them turning green. Drivers can easily switch off their engines during this time to reduce greenhouse gases through idling. They can also opt for mild-hybrid cars that are currently out in the market which come with auto start-stop functionality.

Smooth inputs when behind the wheel go a long way in reducing the impact on the environment. Linear acceleration, avoiding sudden throttle inputs, shifting at the right rpms are but a few of the ways in which drivers can contribute.

Improperly inflated tires not only impact fuel efficiency figures but they also contribute to component failure, especially of the suspension. Definitely, a red-flag in the ‘what is eco-safe driving’ manual.

A wee bit of awareness about our surroundings goes a long way towards incremental solutions that add-up in a big way, particularly in the fight to protect the environment that sustains us. So drive, but with care and consideration towards the future.

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