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Next Generation Eco-Friendly Car From Tata...

06 February 2016, 10:05 AM

Tata Motors has been among the foremost of car manufacturers in the country. Known more for their family and tourist friendly cars, the Indian auto-major has been through a major model revision in recent years. Today, Tata Motors has one of the youngest passenger car portfolios in the country and is at the forefront of clean-engine technology. In-fact, the day isn’t quite far when the next generation eco-friendly car from Tata would be powered by air.

Turn back the clock to the nineties and trace the route down to Luxembourg in Europe. It was where MDI aka Motor Development International, a French origin company had developed an alternative engine technology that was based on compressed air. The power behind Tata cars decided to take a long-term view on things and partnered with the firm to develop & explore the commercial applications of MDI’s engine technology.

As the world moves towards cleaner engines and reduced tail-pipe emissions, the promise of a car that runs on compressed air is indeed highly attractive and irresistibly worth pursuing. Eco-friendly cars will only go on to gain further importance in the larger scheme of all things automotive and to have someone like Tata Motors essaying a key role only fills up the heart with pride.

There are still many obstacles and challenges to be overcome in the pursuit for a true, zero-emission engine. So the next generation eco-friendly car from Tata is still some time away in the future. Meanwhile, present day Tata cars have begun to offer enough excitement to hold the interest of buyers in India. The car manufacturer, is all set to redefine the entry hatchback segment with the introduction of the Zica. Powered by a 1.2 litre, three cylinder petrol motor from the Revotron family, the Zica will also come with a 1.05 litre, three cylinder Revotorq diesel motor. Both engines are highly refined, offer decent power and most importantly, are amongst the cleanest burning engines in the company’s line-up.

The company also unveiled their new design language, called Impact which will be the guiding force behind all Tata Cars to drive out the company doors in the future. The future therefore looks promising and it shall indeed be a moment of pride to see an air-powered car be launched wearing the ‘Tata’ badge.

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