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Green Car Maintenance Tips...

05 April 2016, 12:06 PM

For all the price cuts, fuel still forms a sizeable chunk of the overall cost of running a car. This is why, the green car maintenance tips mentioned below should help stretch the fuel rupee for longer than before:

Ø  Check the air-pressure regularly. A 2 PSI difference in tire pressure will not only impact fuel consumption, but also the longevity of the suspension components and the well-being of the passengers within.

Ø  Rotate/balance tires on a regular basis. Tires cost a pretty penny and improper maintenance leads to premature wear & tear, thereby pushing up replacement costs over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Ø  Premium fuels are a waste, unless you’ve got one of those performance oriented imports. For all other sense & purposes, regular pump fuel will do.

Ø  Modern cars do not need to be filled to the brim! Now-a-days, it is best to stop at the first click. Anything further is risking fuel wastage due to evaporation.

Ø  An engine that breathes better runs greener. Replace clogged air-filters diligently. Their replacement cost is a fraction of their overall impact on emissions.

Ø  CNG cars require a low-pressure fuel cartridge replacement at prescribed intervals. Neglecting this leads to a clogged engine, reduced performance and higher emissions.

Ø  The other filter that requires attention in CNG cars is the reducer filter cartridge, which costs under a few thousand rupees. Replace it at prescribed intervals to extract maximum performance and mileage from your vehicle.

Ø  Stick to the speed limit and always shift into the right gear at the right time. Dragging or over-revving the engine, doesn’t just lead to increased fuel consumption but also increases stress on the engine.

Ø  Plan trips well. Bunch up multiple short trips. Avoid congested areas as well as trips during peak hours, when traffic congestion is at the maximum. This way, you’ll get the most out of your vehicle.

Ø  Timely maintenance is one of those golden green car maintenance tips that’s worth repeating over and over again. An ill-maintained engine leads to a lot of expenses in premature repairs, not to mention the higher fuel consumption & the poor throttle response.

Lastly, reduce waiting time at signals. If unavoidable, then consider powering down & restarting as appropriate. Driving is equal amount of skill as it is common sense and the best drivers know this eternal truth.

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