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Ronit Roy Owns Audi Q7...

18 July 2016, 03:18 PM

Over the years, the luxury car segment has grown exponentially & Audi cars in India have held a special place in the hearts of buyers. From the styling to the features available on board, Audi has stood for the cutting edge of automobile development for car buyers here. With multiple options stretching across every conceivable price point & straddling segments, Audi really stole a march over their better represented competition. From sedans to sports cars, the manufacturer was selling them all. But it was the celeb-set that truly took the brand forward with their whole hearted endorsement for its SUV’s.


The Audi Q7 has had a cult following of sorts among the movers and shakers of the industry. From top business honchos to tinsel town stars practically everyone has a thing for the big Q & why not. It’s got sheer street presence, literally dwarfing over everything else on the streets. What’s more, the

When you talk about celebrity cars, the conversation always veers around to big, luxury automobiles. Exotic wheels that are a tad out of reach for a majority of people. From premium sedans to pricier sports cars, the demand for them continues to be strong, but it is another class of automobiles that meets the buyer’s preference in this category – SUV’s. Yes, that’s right, the biggest, baddest, most luxurious SUV’s of them all are the ones that truly get buyers to sign away on the dotted line.

Popular actor, Ronit Roy may have been around in tinsel town for a while now, but there appears to have been no hesitation on his part when it came to choosing the wheels for his daily ride. Like his tinsel town colleagues, he too appears to have succumbed to the charms of the Big Q. Ronit Roy’s Audi Q7 seems to have become the steed of choice on those shoots that ensure his being a regular fixture on the television screen.

The Q7 has recently undergone a major facelift, with Audi giving their full-size luxury SUV a thorough onceover. Gone are those rounded styling cues, with the company replacing them with sharply creased lines all over, giving the Q7 a tauter look. The interior too has been suitably revamped, with the already luxurious SUV donning a few new layers of opulence. All-in-all, the Q7 has been given a much-needed shot in the arm, in keeping with the rest of the Audi cars in India that are on sale today.

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