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Malaika Arora Khan With Her Bmw 7 Series Car...

02 July 2016, 10:05 AM

Malaika Arora Khan needs little introduction to anyone remotely connected to the world of music and movies. From walking down the steps in red stilettos (& guaranteeing overnight success to the Indi-Pop video) to dancing atop a moving train, Malaika earned her reputation as being among the hottest things to hit the screens.

Success followed her in everything that she got herself into, and she even went on to co-head her very own production house. Marrying into a family that seems to know their wheels, meant that she too went through her very own automotive upgrades and ultimately ended up with a BMW 7-Series.

BMW cars are typically known for their driving pleasure, even if it is something like the long-wheelbase 7-Series luxury-limousine that Ms. Khan opted for, as the steed of choice. Crammed with every creature comfort that the mind could ever imagine, the 730ld has been the dream car for customers as diverse as luminaries from the political arena to movie stars around the globe.

The BMW 7-Series in long wheelbase guise was among the fabled cars to be assembled at the manufacturer’s domestic plant in Chennai.  The styling on the car had changed crucially over the older version and came complete with all-new LED based headlamp units.

The world of celebrity cars has a soft corner for over-the-top luxury automobiles, ones that wrap their occupants in an ultra-opulent cocoon, treating them like royalty. BMW cars in India have been typically known to be on the sportier side, but the 7-Series does this in a rather plush manner.

The BMW 7-Series came crammed with all the signature comforts and electronic gizmos to keep their ultra-rich passengers happily occupied on every journey. From rear seating with multiple-massage option, to driver aids that sound off warnings should the one behind the wheel start to feel a little drowsy, the 7-Series had it all. Little wonder then to see people in India, lining up to bring home their very own 7-Series cars.

Malaika Arora Khan, like her Bollywood counterparts too felt that the 7-Series was the right choice when it came down to balancing the typical sportiness of the BMW DNA with the opulence & luxury that’s expected out of a full-size limousine.

With BMW announcing the arrival of the latest generation 7-Series, that’s crammed with even more high-tech stuff, it remains to be seen who shall win this round of the battle for the best luxury full-size sedan crown.

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