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Leonardo Dicaprio Owns A Toyota Prius...

09 January 2016, 12:05 PM

There’s something about the ‘greats’ that makes them who they are. Coming along like a whiff of fresh air, they take all those around them by surprise. One moment the world is rotating along nicely & the very next, everything has changed. Someone somewhere out there has left an indelible mark, indicating the beginning of all the good things that are yet to come.

Hollywood superstar, Leonardo DiCaprio must know a thing or two about the thoughts above. The multi-award winning actor, who has been nominated thrice before to the prestigious Academy Awards is certainly no stranger to greatness. From being named after the famed Da Vinci to almost changing it on the urging of a misdirected film-agent, Leonardo has faced it all.

The Hollywood heartthrob has gone on to star in many a brilliant movie in his career. The nineties saw him portray the role of Mr. Jack Dawson, sacrificing his life for his lady love, Rose with the sinking Titanic in the backdrop. The Departed, The Aviator, Black Diamond – are but a handful of his best roles that won the hearts of fans and the approval of critics around the world. The brilliance and versatility as depicted on the screen has translated into real life as well. Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his sensibilities to the environment and dedication to philanthropic causes that are dear to his heart.

The same sensitivities have gone on to reflect in his everyday life as well. The superstar who refuses to be driven around, preferring to drive himself instead, is known for his discerning taste in automobiles as well. He’s long been a patron of environment friendly cars and has owned the most recognizable hybrid in the world – the Toyota Prius.

Making waves since the day it was launched over a decade and a half ago, the Toyota Prius is every bit of a path-breaking car like its famous owner himself. It ushered in the era of a highly-fuel efficient car that deployed a host of advanced technological solutions to ensure the minimum impact on the environment. Dependable and versatile (like the actor himself), the Prius is a poster-child for reliability too, with nine out of ten vehicles sold through the years, still continuing to motor strongly around the world. It is like they say - an idea so revolutionary, it’ll change the world by virtue of being lightyears ahead in time. Well, like car, like owner – what do you say?

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