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Aamir Khans Mercedes Benz S600...

01 March 2016, 11:38 AM

It is quite a rarefied world out there, especially when one is among the elite of their game. There are plenty waiting & trying all sorts of things to hack you down from your success. They fail to see the efforts & the sacrifice that goes into it, choosing only to focus on the trappings of power that comes with the position at the top. Bollywood as an industry is no different to this phenomenon, but there’s one twist in the tale, so to speak, and a rather unsavoury one at that.

The way the movie industry works, it invariably attracts people with ill-gotten gains & especially those who will go to any lengths to harm those that keep them away from profiting more from it. Aamir Khan may be among the top-actors in the industry, but he too has felt the pressure of this situation. Which is why, these days, you’ll see a key addition to the collection of Aamir Khan’s cars. A car that’s perhaps become mandatory to all those that see a threat to their well-being when on the move.

The Mercedes-Benz S600 is a mind-boggling piece of safety focussed automotive engineering. What the German luxury automaker has done is taken their top-of-the-line S-Class flagship luxury sedan and turned it into an armoured tank on wheels.

Of all the models in Aamir Khan’s cars garage, it is this one that ought to make him feel invincible on the road. He must rest easy in the knowledge that even if he were to be attacked by a small battalion of armed personnel, they’d struggle to cause him any harm & return unsuccessful. There are inch-thick windows all-round, with a special five-layer construction, including a carefully crafted polycarbonate membrane in the sandwich, which will stop high-calibre bullets from entering the cabin.

Everything, from the underbody, to the rest of the passenger cavity is surrounded by the highest grade of ballistic resistant armour on the Mercedes-Benz S600. With a VR9 ballistic safety rating, it can sustain multiple automatic rifle assaults, hand grenade attacks & emerge relatively unscathed from an IED explosion.

Powering it out of any situation is the famed six-litre, V12 engine, complete with twin turbochargers. Generating over 525 bhp of power & 830 Nm of torque, it propels the 4+ tonne behemoth to a restricted top-speed of 210 km/h.

The best thing about the car is that it looks & feels just as luxurious as the regular S-Class on the inside, so Aamir Khan gets to enjoy the best of both worlds while motoring about in absolute comfort & peace. Envious? Well, so are we.

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