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Tips To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Car...

12 April 2016, 11:43 AM

Pretty much all of the new cars on sale today offer a fuel mileage that’s 10-20 percent higher than their equivalent models were delivering up until a few years ago. From the 8-12 km/l average with or without the air-conditioning system running to 14-17 km/l, we’ve indeed come a long way. But like they say, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to stretching each litre of petrol (or diesel, as your preference may be).

The car fuel efficiency tips below should help you extract the maximum fuel average from your car, without lowering the performance by much.

  • First up and among the most neglected of things is a regular tire pressure check. Most owners fail to understand the impact this simple habit can have on their mileage. Correctly inflated tires not only improve the mileage, but they also help reduce repair bills.
  • A light throttle can work wonders on the mileage you extract from your car. Most new cars come with a real-time fuel consumption read-out, which helps go a long way in keeping that heavy right foot in check. Thumbs up if yours does & if you do actually use it regularly.
  • Shift gears at the right time. Do not over-rev the engine, and worse, do not lug it either. With the latter, the few kilometres extra that you’d get, end up being wasted many times over, in premature engine repairs.
  • Most intersections come with a countdown timer to indicate the time for when they’ll turn green. If it is anything beyond 45 seconds, switch the ignition off. You’ll be amazed by the incremental benefits in the fuel efficiency department.
  • One of the top car fuel efficiency tips is to have a proper warm-up and cool down procedure. This is particularly true for modern cars with advanced turbo-systems and catalytic converters. Also, it is advisable to drive around slowly for the first (and last few) kilometres rather than idling the car in a bid to get it to operating temperature.
  • Mechanically speaking, keeping the car in top running condition helps keep the mileage high. You’ll be amazed to know just how severely a grabby brake pad or a sagging suspension component can affect the fuel consumption. Similarly, a weak alternator/charging system too can affect the fuel sipping habits.
  • O2 sensors are a common feature in modern engines & have a severe impact on the fuel consumption. Replacing them periodically, helps keep the engine in shape.
  • All filters (including the one for the air-conditioning) must be cleaned/replaced on or before schedule. Clogged filters are a huge drain on fuel economy.

There’s plenty more tips to be shared, but we’ll save them for later, when you’ve put the ones above into practice sufficiently enough!

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