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Tips To Help Cng Cars Last Longer...

25 January 2016, 11:21 AM

So you’ve done the math, worked out the calculations till you know them even if someone wakes you from deep sleep, and finally decided that you are going to opt for a CNG powered car. Great! Congratulations on having made your decision. But did you know that your car will require slightly increased attention from your end, when compared to those powered by petrol or diesel. Fret not though, for here are a few tips to help CNG cars last longer:

Most cars (except electrics) are designed primarily to be run on fossil fuels. When you run on gas, as in the case of CNG cars, you really are putting them through a higher range of wear and tear. Like spark-plugs for example. While regular petrol cars require a change of plugs every 20000 kms, CNG powered cars benefit most when their plugs are changed every 10000 kms on an average.

An internal combustion engine relies heavily on lubrication which is provided by the fuel that burns within it. Unlike petrol or diesel, CNG being a gas, offers little in terms of lubrication inside the engine. Which is why, it is advisable to start a CNG car in petrol mode and switch to gas power only once the engine has sufficiently warmed up.

Elaborating further on the above, the wear and tear factor too is highly accelerated in CNG cars. The kit requires regular attention, with key valves and gaskets having to be replaced at periodic intervals. CNG combustion also puts pressure on the internals, thus periodic maintenance intervals tend to be shorter on such cars. It is therefore advisable to trim the factory recommendation by 1-2000 kms to help the car last longer.

Keen attention to engine tuning is another one of the golden tips to help CNG cars last longer. CNG powered engines can vary greatly in their efficiency and performance over time and hence require frequent assistance from the right set of qualified hands to keep them in an optimum state of tune.

Lastly, the gas-filler valve has a short life-span and must be replaced as soon as the wear and tear approaches the service limit. It only costs a few hundred rupees and is relatively inexpensive but the mechanics who know how to increase mileage of CNG cars swear by this and the other key pointers mentioned above. However, these are only but a few of them and if you’ve got your own tips on maximizing the potential of CNG powered cars, then do hit the comments below and share away.

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