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Tips On How To Maintain The Exterior Of Car...

05 June 2016, 10:05 AM

The dusty in the air and on the streets is a huge problem for those keen on wanting to keep their cars clean. The harsh summer sun only worsens the problem as it beats down relentlessly on the car. The few pointers below will help go a long way in helping you know how to clean the car exterior & at-least keep it shining for much longer than usual.

★ One of the common myths of keeping a car exterior clean is by washing it daily. From new car showrooms and used car lots, to those parked around residences, it is a common sight to see a bucket of water & a cloth being used to wipe the cars down. Such frequent exposure to water takes off the uppermost protective layer, thereby exposing the painted surface below to the elements.

★ The monthly wash-wax routine is another aspect that gets overlooked. The wax forms a thin coating that locks in the gloss of the paint, helping it stay like new for a long time. It wears of periodically due to exposure to the elements and must be renewed from time to time.

★ These days, there are plenty of paint-protection & rejuvenation treatments that can bring the zing back into the exterior of the car. Barring a few however, the huge majority of them not only use sub-standard products but even their equipment is below par. It is not uncommon to see swirl marks embedded into the paint thanks to the shoddy work done by folks who don’t know even the basics of how to clean the car exterior.

★ It is a good practice to periodically inspect the car for damages. Any signs of surface deterioration must be identified & treated at the earliest, if one is to avoid expensive repairs later.

★ A common problem that’s seen particularly among used cars is mismatched paint. This is typically due to neglect on the owner’s part. While a paint rejuvenation treatment can be tried out, it is often a better option to go for a re-coat. Also, due care must be taken to ensure that the car gets sufficient drying time between coats, the painting is carried out in a dust free environment & the lacquer is applied evenly, by a pair of steady hands.

A little care and awareness go a long way in keeping our wheeled wonders looking their best for years on end. It is up to us, the owners to ensure the best for them.

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