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Things To Check Before Starting Your Car...

22 February 2016, 11:37 AM

Given how we’re stressed for time, chasing the big dream in this puzzle called life, we’re all guilty of driving out of the parking lot without giving a second thought to things. But it is absolutely critical to check up on a few things to check before starting your car. Not only does it lessens the chance of you being stranded down the road, sometime later, but it also is good to be better prepared for a drive than to simply rush off. So here goes:

  • As you approach the car, take a quick peek underneath. Pets, rodents & other animals have this habit of utilizing the shade and the warmth of the car for a quick power-nap or two. You don’t want them to sleep forever, do you?

  • Done peeking? Now begin your walk around. Check the tires, to see if the tire pressure’s alright, there’s no oil leaks (particularly important for used cars, who may have a rough life, before coming to you), etc.

  • Pop the hood on a periodic basis & check up on the fluid levels. Sometimes, the oil reservoir for the power-steering or the brake fluid could have been leaking minutely & there’s no evidence on the ground. A visual check under the hood, can save those expensive repair bills later on.

  • Remember to check & top up the windshield washer reservoir. Experienced drivers know how important this reservoir is and you too should add this to your routine on things to check before starting your car.

  • Make sure there’s no streaks on the windows all around & that no one’s tampered with them while you were parked overnight.

Now that the exterior visual check is all but complete, it is time to step inside.

  •  Adjust the seat position according to your preference & check the mirrors. Not just the central rear view mirror in the cabin but also the wing mirrors on either side. Adjust them so as the blind spots are minimized. And if you’re putting up the excuse that you don’t need wing mirrors or worse, they’re expensive to replace, hence you’d rather drive without – don’t! Wing mirrors are cheaper to replace on any given day, than the body work & paint job you risk, when driving with your mirrors in.

  •  Fasten your seatbelt & crank the engine. Pay attention to any strange sounds, which are more common in used cars than new ones. Watch the instrumentation for any tell-tale warning lights. Attend to any signs of trouble immediately.

That’s it, one final check on the brakes, gears & the horn – before you set off on your trip. Happy Motoring!

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