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New Car Buying Tips For Discounts...

28 February 2016, 10:05 AM

Auto manufacturers are busy churning out one new model after another. Some have even taken it upon themselves to turn it into a monthly affair. What’s more, if this year is any indication, then the launch calendar is going to be even more tightly packed this year, than it was in the one that went by. Buyers looking for new car deals are going to have a field day, as sales personnel will be under pressure of heavy targets.

New car buying tips for discounts

To help make the most benefit in this customer centric market, here are some new car buying tips:

  • Speak to a direct sales agent before walking into the dealership. When it comes to new cars, DSA’s often have better deals to offer than the dealership themselves.

  • Most brands tend to have more than one dealer in the city/town. Speak to both dealers and pit their quotes against each other, to see who gives the best new car deals.

  • Seasoned buyers always recommend speaking to your preferred financer who might not only give you a better deal on the funding part, but also on the actual cost of the deal itself. This is due to the fact that the financer will have their own tie-up with the dealers, the benefits of which get passed on to you.

  • Fixed deposits are one of those secret goldmines when it comes to new car buying tips. Banks are more than happy to offer finance against these deposits & you could get the loan at an attractive rate.

  • As with the new car, get a quote on your previous one too, if you’re keen on swapping it. Speak to multiple sources & avoid giving it to the dealer who’s selling you the new car. These situations usually lead to lowered gains in overall monetary value.

  • Insurance on new cars usually costs a bomb, particularly as you go higher up the price spectrum. But the dealer earns a fat commission & will never tell you that it is cheaper to get insurance from outside.

  • If you’re swapping your car like mentioned above, then check the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) on it. Another one of those hidden gems for getting big discounts on new car deals. Simply transfer the NCB from the old car to the new car & you could make huge savings on insurance premium.

Lastly, the harder you negotiate, the better the chances are of getting a great deal. If the dealer is throwing in accessories as freebies, decline politely & ask for the extended warranty or the insurance to be included instead.

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