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Car Buying Tips For First Timers...

12 March 2016, 10:05 AM

The past couple of years have been great for automobile manufacturers. Buyers have been flocking to showrooms, wanting to sign away the cheque in lieu for their favourite models. What’s more, the demand for cars in India is projected to remain robust well into the year 2020. This means that apart from the repeat customers, there’s going to be a lot many people who shall be purchasing a vehicle for the first time.

As confusing as that thought above sounds, the car buying tips for first timers, shared below should go a long way in reassuring them that they’re not alone, and things aren’t as crazy as made out to be.

  • Buying cars in India is a huge financial commitment. Make sure that you’re ready to live up to it, not just in terms of the purchase, but in maintaining it to standard, throughout the useful life of the car.
  • Cars lose money from the time you drive them out of the showroom. So, if you’re buying a new car, then be prepared to take a huge hit on the depreciation front. This is especially true as you go higher up the price range.
  • Price shopping, dealer comparisons, etc. must all be done without fail. Not doing so, only results in you paying more money than you should have.
  • Among the car buying tips for first timers, is the case for discounts. Always remember that cash discounts are better than accessories & other freebies. The dealer buys them from the manufacturer/market at a discount, while selling them to you at the market rate, thereby earning a fat profit in the bargain.
  • Always buy insurance direct from the insurer. The dealer will try and tell you otherwise, but believe us, it is cheaper and you save a lot of money that way.
  • Extended warranties are a boon, especially when they’re of the comprehensive type. This is true for the more expensive cars as well. Not only are they more complex & heavily engineered, but some of them are highly prone to component failure in our driving conditions.
  • Avoid the dealer services such as paint-protection treatment & other visual dressing for cars in India. Not only is the job done of questionable quality, but it also does more harm than good in many instances. It is best to reach out to vendors that specialize in such jobs and even then, go ahead, only after a thorough evaluation.
  • Dealers are notorious for palming off old stock as new. This is especially true in the case of slow-moving models or the niche-segment types. Typically speaking, if the car is over three months old, then it is best avoided.

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