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January 05, 2016 16:05

In India everyone loves to personalize their new cars, literally from the moment they are purchased. Some prefer the peace-of-mind that the company showrooms offer. Others prefer the wide variety of accessories on offer in the after-market stores. Whatever the preference, there is no denying the fact that a tastefully accessorized car is a sight to behold on the road.

Most owners tend to get bogged down by the sheer variety of car protection systems and either end up under protecting their prized wheels or worse, pay through the nose for security features they would never need. Most alarms on new cars tend to be of the basic type. These comprise of a set of simple, pressure-activated sensors placed at strategically across various points in the car. These are hooked into a loud-horn that would emit a siren informing anyone around them with shrill hoots in the event of anyone gaining unauthorized access to the car.

Then there are the wireless alarm systems with GSM support. These systems include a sim-module that can be set to call/message a pre-determined number in-case of the car’s security getting breached. The system then sends out regular updates on the car’s whereabouts, and in security systems that include an additional GPS location module, the owner can then get precise targeting information on where their car is.

Simply put, it is a no-brainer when evaluating a car security system. As far as possible, one must upgrade to the new-generation wireless alarm systems with GSM and GPS location support. Not only do they offer the next level in security for your car, but they also offer a great deal of convenience, not to mention the peace of mind. What’s more, you can also hook them up with immobilizer support, which immediately cuts the power supply or the fuel lines. Either ways, the thieves cannot get very far and you’ll have protected your car.

So the next time you or anyone sets out to buy one of the new cars out in the market, do remember the above bit of information when making a decision.

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