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Holographic Displays...

15 April 2016, 12:05 PM

Automobile technology in new cars is all about pushing the envelope. Many of the technological advances, in both, safety systems as well as passenger conveniences that are commonplace today, were once thought to be a figment of designer’s imagination. From ABS to Air-bags, satellite navigation to heads-up displays, all are examples of automobile technology in new cars that were once thought to be a distant dream, if not entirely fictional.

Holographic displays are yet another shot at the futuristic automotive pie in the sky. Simply put, a hologram is a virtual projection in three-dimensional reality. The concept derives its roots from aeronautical technology & redeploys it in the automotive world. For example, one could move a step up from turn-by-turn navigation prompts with the help of this technology. Drivers could technically be supplied with a virtual overlay of the road out in front of them. This would feature a rich stream of information with respect to the traffic ahead, potential congestion spots, alternative routes & other supporting information designed to make driving simpler. Meanwhile, the co-driver could get their own functional holographic system. This could either be independent of the driver system, or, it could be used to support the driver.

There are likely to be some who’ll quickly dismiss these developments as yet another example of the relentless creep of automobile technology in new cars. But do so only at your own peril, for there’s a lot of promise that such systems hold. The integrated navigation systems of today may have come a long way but there’s still a lot of work to be done. For example, no matter how savvy you are, there’s still a high chance of you taking your eyes off the road as you grapple with the next bit of information that’s displayed on the central infotainment screen. A holographic display, would simply put this information in the line-of-sight of the driver, thereby doing away the need to look away, and improving motor safety in the bargain. What’s more, is that all this would be accomplished in a highly realistic way, thanks to the information being presented in full, three-dimensional glory.

The potential for holographic displays is most promising. There’s so much that can be done, that there’s no knowing where we go with it. Guess we’ll just have to wait & see, how things go as time rolls on.

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